Slots Players Love Their Free Spins at All Slots

The basis of all gambling games – including online slot machine gambling – is that players knowingly risk losing money in order to have a chance to win money. But wouldn’t it be great if you could win real money without risking anything? Of course it would be great, and that’s the great appeal of the Free Spins feature found on many of the most popular online slot machine games at All Slots Casino.

How does an online slots player access the Free Spins feature? Well, it’s different in each game, so she would first have to read the rules for her particular game. In the popular new online slot game Hot Ink, for example, the Free Spins feature is activated when the player gets three or more Yin Yang Koi Fish symbols appearing anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine. (The Yin Yang Koi Fish are a light fish and a dark fish swimming in a circular pattern that resembles the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol.) Then she gets 20 free spins, with the added bonus that all payouts are doubled.

Once the Free Spins are activated, the player can sit back and let the online slot machine do all the work. The Free Spins will roll automatically. When there’s a losing spin, nothing happens – no money is lost. But when there is a winning spin, the money goes right into the player’s online casino account.

Much to gain and nothing to lose. That’s the appeal of Free Spins, and that’s why it is such a popular feature on so many of the online slot games at All Slots.

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