Reel Thunder Arrives at All Slots Mobile

Players can take a wild motorcycle trip while spinning for jackpots on their mobile device.

The motorcycle is the classic symbol of mobility and freedom. And of course the mobile phone symbolizes total mobility and freedom. So it is natural that All Slots Mobile Casino would combine the two and bring you mobile Reel Thunder, the mobile slots game that takes you on a wild virtual motorcycle trip on your mobile phone any time and any place.

The Spirit of the Motorcycle Road Trip

Reel Thunder is a 5-reel and 9-payline mobile slot machine game that embodies the spirit of the motorcycle road trip. The top slot machine symbol is the legendary Roadhog, the most fearsome motorcyclist of them all. Five Roadhog symbols on an enabled payline will pay out a jackpot of 10,000 times your payline bet.

Other symbols on the Reel Thunder mobile slot machine include the motorcycle wheel, the motorcycle racing through fire, the motorcycle license plate, and the motorcycle speedometer. The scatter symbol is a motorcycle engine and the wild symbol is a winged heart tattoo superimposed on the motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Of course, the motorcyclist must sometimes stop at the roadhouse to refuel, and Reel Thunder has images of the favourite roadhouse refreshments: a cold mug of beer, red-hot chili peppers, frankfurters, bacon and eggs, and a tall stack of pancakes.

A Successful Mobile Slots Venture

All in all, mobile Reel Thunder looks like a successful venture. As intended, All Slots has truly captured the free-wheeling spirit of a genuine motorcycle road trip while at the same time providing real mobile slots action you can play for real money mobile slots jackpots any time and any place on your mobile phone or tablet.

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