All Slots Offers Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is widely considered the most popular card game in the world, and All Slots Casino is proud to offer the online version known as Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold. This online poker game is played a lot like the standard land-based version of Texas Hold’em, but it also features a unique side bet for bonus payouts that makes it even more exciting than the original.

You start your game of Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold by placing your Ante Blind bet and, if you choose to, your Bonus bet. While the Bonus bet is optional, it adds a lot of excitement and a chance to win some good jackpots if you do make the Bonus bet.

After placing your initial bets, you click the Deal button and you receive two hole cards face up and the dealer receives two hole cards face down. It is the hole cards that determine the outcome of the Bonus bet. If your two hole cards are a pair, or two high cards such as Ace-King, you receive a payout on the Bonus bet. The biggest jackpot is a 1,000-to-1 jackpot if your two pocket cards are a pair of aces and the dealer’s pocket cards are also a pair of aces.

Now, to play the regular Texas Hold’em part of the online Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold game, you evaluate your hole cards and your odds of winning and you choose to fold or to increase your bet with a Flop bet. If you don’t fold, three community cards will be dealt, and you will have more chances to increase your bet with a Turn bet and a River bet as the fourth and fifth community cards are dealt out.

Finally, the dealer’s hole cards are turned over, and the two hands, based on each player’s two hole cards combined with the five community cards, are compared, and the higher poker hand wins the game.

Texas Hold’em is a fun and exciting and popular casino card game, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, with the added excitement and big jackpots of the Bonus bet, is even better. Try playing Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold at All Slots Online Casino and see for yourself.

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