All Slots Advises on Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy

Within just a few weeks of its debut, the progressive jackpot game Caribbean Draw Poker Gold has become a big hit among online gamblers at All Slots Casino. Many people have written to the casino for advice on optimal Caribbean Draw strategy, and All Slots has now publicly released its responses to the most frequently asked questions.

Question: Should I make the bonus bet?

Answer: Absolutely. Granted, the bonus bet is optional, and you can still have fun and win some good payouts without it. But the bonus bet adds a lot of excitement, as well as the biggest payouts, to the game. If you make the bonus bet and get a royal flush, you win the progressive jackpot, which has now passed 86,000 credits and is still growing. And even without a Royal Flush, you can win jackpots ranging from 4 credits for two pairs up to 2,500 credits for a straight flush. That’s a lot of cash to be won for a small 1-credit side bet.

Question: When should I hold ’em and when should I fold ’em?

Answer: If your initial hand has a pair or better, stay in the game. Also, if you have four consecutive cards for a potential straight, or four of the same suit for a potential flush, stay and draw for the winning card. With anything else, cut your losses and fold ’em, and hope for better luck next time.

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