All Slots Releases a New Blackjack Strategy Video

Another name for the game of blackjack is “21”, and many people believe that their object when playing blackjack is to try to get as close as possible to a hand total of 21. But in its recently released video “Beat the Dealer”, All Slots Casino shows, with wit, elegance, and style, that that belief is erroneous.

The true goal in blackjack is not necessarily to get close to 21, but simply to beat the dealer. In the video, blackjack expert Don Jack shows a typical blackjack player how he can analyse his own cards, the dealer’s up card, and the blackjack probabilities, and come to a reasonable educated guess that the dealer is likely to bust. So instead of going for 21, the player beats the dealer by just laying low and letting the dealer go ahead and bust.

The acting and directing in “Beat the Dealer” are top notch, and there is a nice current of understated humour throughout. But for all that, there is a serious message for anybody who is serious about playing and winning at blackjack, either on land or in an online casino. So, if you want to learn how to consistently beat the dealer and win at blackjack, it is highly recommended that you watch “Beat the Dealer” and that you read All Slots Casino’s online guide to blackjack strategy as well.

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