All Slots has Some Fun with Youtube

It seems that everybody’s switched off the home tube and switched over to Youtube these days. Flip cams really revolutionized the idea that everyone, no matter who, no matter where, isn’t just a viewer anymore, but a creator, an artist. And that includes casino managers. Well, maybe not actually an artist, judging by most of the stuff we find out there…

You already know about the All Slots youtube channel, where you can check out these latest and greatest videos from All Slots:

Youtube is also a great source for learning about casino and gaming strategy, and learning the rules of each game. Sometimes players need to “shake out their luck a little bit”, which they can do by switching to a new game and claiming an extra dose of beginners’ luck.
Youtube really makes it easy to get up from the Blackjack table and move over to the Baccarat tables, for example, without actually getting up! Just watch a free Baccarat rules video and off you go! Try it with any other new game, too.

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