No Worries Online Multiplayer Slots

“No worries”. It’s practically the Australian national motto. And now it’s an online multi-player slots game that allows you to win real slots jackpot as you enjoy some zany Australian wildlife and join the worldwide community of online slots players.

The No Worries Online Slot Machine

The No Worries online slot machine — or online pokies machine, as they would call it in Australia — has 5 reels and 20 paylines and features colourful comical renditions of representative Australian wildlife. You’ll meet the Wallaby lazing in his hammock and hoisting a bottle of beer, The Koala swinging from a tree and biting into a gooey slice of pizza, the Platypus floating in his inner tube with his trusty flyswatter, and so on with absurdly imaginative renditions of the Wombat, the Kookaburra, and the hysterical screaming Tazza.

The No Worries Logo is a Wild Symbol and the Boomerang — another classic symbol of Australian culture — is a Scatter Symbol.

Playing No Worries as a Multi-Player Slots Game

Playing No Worries as a multi-player online slots game means joining the international community of online slots players as you all play slots together and forge new online friendships.

The first step to playing Multi-Player No Worries is to choose your slots room, which means choosing your coin size. There is a room where they play with 1¢ coins, another room with 2¢ coins, and a third room with 5¢ coins. So just choose the coin size you like and enter the appropriate multi-player slots room.

Now that you’re in the online slots room and ready to play, just select the number of paylines you want to activate — each activated payline will mean a wager of an additional coin, up to a maximum of 20 coins and 20 paylines — and click the Spin button. The slot machine reels will spin around and then come to a stop, and if the symbols line up the way you want them to you’ll win a jackpot.

Meanwhile, while the reels are spinning or in between spins, you can chat online with the other players in the room. You can cheer each other on or exchange tips to win No Worries or other online casino games, or you can veer off and discuss your families and your lives and your hopes and dreams. You can actually make new friends while you’re spinning for jackpots, and that is the beauty of playing in the multiplayer online community slots room.

The Jackpot Wheel and the “No Worries” Bonus Game

No Worries online multiplayer slots has a bonus game in which a spinning Jackpot Wheel awards extra jackpots to all eligible players in the room. But first, to become eligible to participate in the bonus game, you must accumulate some points.

You accumulate points just by playing the No Worries online slot game the regular way. You will notice that sometimes some of the slot machine symbols have little beer cans superimposed on them, and that the beer cans have numbers on them like 50 or 80 or even 200. Those numbers are points. If three or more symbols on an activated payline have beer cans with points on them, you win the total number of the points and have them added to your total. On your screen, you will see a Leaderboard listing all the slots players in the room and how many points each one has.

You will also notice on your screen a Jackpot Wheel with a countdown clock. Every three or four minutes, the Jackpot Wheel will spin and select a jackpot. That selected jackpot will then be distributed among the top ten players in the room in proportion to their standing on the Leaderboard, with the number 1 player of course getting the biggest share of the jackpot.

And while the Jackpot Wheel is spinning, the band plays Waltzing Matilda! What could be more Australian — or more fun — than that?

A Wonderful Way to Play Slots Online

No Worries multi-player online slots is a wonderful way to play slots online. You get the comical Australian wildlife characters awarding real online slots jackpots, you get to join an online slots community and chat with your fellow players and make new online friends, you get to win bonus jackpots from the Jackpot Wheel bonus game, and you get to hear the band play Waltzing Matilda to transport you heart and soul to the land Down Under. Who could ask for more than that from an online slot game?

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