All Slots New Zealand Online Casino

Welcome all Kiwis – to All Slots Online Casino NZ! All Slots offers the biggest selection of pokies in New Zealand. All told, All Slots has over 600 games in four massive game categories. New players can enjoy up to $1600 in the great All Slots online casino for Kiwis Welcome Package. Our casino is safe and secure. Our customer support is unparalleled. You can play for fun, for million dollar jackpots, or for any wager in between. Our invitation to all Kiwis is: “come to All Slots and have fun”.

The All Slots $1600 Welcome Package

The All Slots Welcome Package begins with an invitation to play for free! You can always play for free in Practice Mode but here we encourage you to play at All Slots with our money and with no obligation whatsoever on your part.

When you register at All Slots we don’t first ask for a deposit. Our first act is to give you a $5 no deposit welcome bonus! With this free bonus, you can roam, going from game category to game category, and from game to game, getting a taste of the enormous gaming promise that All Slots offers. Then, when you do deposit, you can get more free money and four deposit bonuses in your first week with All Slots.

  • For the first deposit, you’ll receive $10 in free money and a matching deposit welcome bonus of 100% up to $250.
  • For your second deposit, you’ll receive $15 in free money and another matching deposit bonus of 100% up to $250.
  • On your third deposit, you qualify for a deposit bonus of 50% up to $500.
  • On your fourth deposit, you qualify for another 50% deposit bonus, this one for up to $600.

The total Welcome Package carries potentially $1600!

Instant Play

All Slots has developed a new way to play! Of course, the games are all the same but now you need not download the casino to play our huge library of games. The games appear on All Slots’ homepage and you can play them directly! Everything you need or want to do in order to have a great gaming experience is available right here on the homepage without the need to download!

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Promotions

All Slots online casino NZ loves to pop up a sudden promotion on your casino screen! These impromptu promotions may be for even more deposit bonuses, for free spins, for extra Loyalty Points, or for anything else our professional team of promotions wizards comes up with. At All Slots we are proud of the highly-successful promotions we run every month. All of our monthly promotions have a theme, usually connected to a holiday in that month or to the season. We also have found that our players love to have the month divided into weekly playing times. At our monthly promotions, the watchword is “everyone wins”.

Loyalty Club

At All Slots Casino, you earn Loyalty Points for every wager you make. Loyalty Points are based on the amount wagered so if you wager $100 once or one dollar 100 times in the same game, your Loyalty Points count will be the same. Loyalty Points can be turned into hard cash. They also accumulate and when you reach given levels you “move up” in the Club. Your benefits go up with each level as well! The highest level you can reach in the Loyalty Club is the VIP level. To join the VIP Club you must be personally invited. All Slots provides you a dedicated personal account manager and you’re on your way. Here you are truly pampered. You’ll be offered extra bonuses as befitting a VIP, exclusive promotions, many extravagant gifts to celebrate personal and family milestones, special occasions, and extravagant gifts that include cruises, concert and theatre tickets, and much more.


All Slots now has more than 600 games and we add new games every month. Our game supplier is Microgaming, the most famous name in online casino game development. Microgaming never rests; they are always looking for new wrinkles to add to their latest online games. A few years ago, Microgaming took the newest, highest resolution computer graphics and redid several casino games. These are called the Gold Series of games. Today there are over twenty games in the Gold Series. The games at All Slots are divided into four categories: slots machines (commonly called “pokies”), table games, video poker, and parlour games. There is some overlap as there are progressive jackpots in pokies, table games, and even in parlour games.


All Slots has hundreds of the best online pokies for your gaming pleasure. We still maintain a few 3-reel pokies; most modern pokies are 5-reel games with storylines and themes. The most extravagant modern pokies are the ones that have been adapted from super-successful movies or television shows. We needed extraordinary computer graphics technology to properly convey the stories these movies and television shows tell; the amazing technology permeates these and all our pokies! All Slots online casino NZ has a selection of pokies that you can play in the MegaSpin format. This means that you can play the pokies many times at once!

The large number of pokies means that gamers will want two opportunities before playing any new pokies for real money and All Slots provides both. The first is Free Play; the second is game reviews. All Slots’ gamers are always welcome to play in Free Mode for as long as they want. We feel that it is in our interest as well as yours for you, our loyal players, to be as familiar with a game as possible before you make a single real money wager on it. You can also access All Slots’ extremely large and thorough pokies reviews. These pokies reviews give you the main highlights of the game from the basic symbols to the wild and scatter symbols and the bonus rounds. In addition, in the reviews, you will see a number of screen shots of each pokies.

Progressive Pokies

All Slots has 19 progressive pokies games. Mega Moolah is the granddaddy of them all; its jackpot always starts at $1,000,000. All players, at all of Microgaming progressive pokies contribute to the size of the jackpots. This lends support to the common sense notion that being connected to the largest pokies producer has benefits aside from the fact that these are the best online pokies games available. The progressive jackpots can reach high seven figures because the Microgaming network, to which All Slots belongs, is extraordinarily large.

Table Games

All Slots has all the famous table games: poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. All Slots also has such esoteric games as Red Dog, Keno, and Sic bo. Baccarat is the game that James Bond made famous. You can bet on the player, the dealer, or on a push. Believe it or not, most of the time, the best bet is on dealer to win! As with the pokies, you can read a table game review. Whenever you’re playing a game and have a question, you can click on the ? icon at the top left of the screen. This will take you to another review or tutorial.


All Slots has over 40 variations of blackjack. There is a small group of basic blackjack rules. These involve standing, hitting, pushes, splitting, doubling down, insurance, and surrender. Many of the variations have slightly different parameters for one or more of these basic rules. To add to the excitement, there are blackjack games with wildly different rules. Double Exposure is one good example: both of the dealer’s cards are exposed at the deal. This is a great advantage to players and there are some rule variations to learn.


All Slots has two basic forms of poker: table poker and video poker. We have several types of table poker and over 40 variations of video poker. Many of our gamers love poker but prefer playing a version that doesn’t involve bluffing. Video poker is the perfect solution for them. Video poker is usually a form of five card draw poker in which only the player draws. You have to reach a minimum hand to win; it’s that simple. In table poker, both you and the dealer receive a hand. The dealer makes no decisions. You alone decide whether to stay in the hand or to leave the hand. It’s often best to stay in the hand because the dealer needs a minimum hand to “qualify”. Even if your hand is on the low side, you could win if the dealer fails to qualify.

Parlour Games

There is another set of games which for convenience we list as parlour games. All Slots has a wide assortment of bingo games and scratch cards; many parlour games are simply fun games with a happy theme. In Granny Prix, for example, you try to get three of a kind. If you do, you could win a multiplier that doubles your bet on up to a multiplier that increases your winning by 2500 times your bet! Many gamers play parlour games when they feel they need a break from the more common casino games they’ve been playing.


We’ve spoken at length about game reviews. All Slots also has an extensive set of game tutorials. If you want to learn how to play any game, you need only read the tutorial, play the game a few times in Free Mode, and you will likely be ready to start playing for real money. The tutorials at All Slots are another invaluable way we help our gamers develop the confidence that they can excel at online casino gaming.

Mobile Casino

All Slots for PC came online in 2000. All Slots Mobile Casino came online in 2007. Developing a mobile casino using existing games has proved to be a slow task but one that All Slots has been working dilligently at in conjunction with Microgaming for the past ten years. The rapid improvement in mobile technology has meant that All Slots has had to adapt time and again to changes in the field of mobile communication. All Slots is always at the head of the field in adapting to new mobile technologies and products. Today, you can access All Slots Mobile Casino from virtually all of the thousands of mobile devices using any of the many mobile operating platforms. The Gold Series of games, which relies on enhanced graphics, are well-represented at All Slots Mobile.

Live Casino

All Slots fully recognizes that gamers who overwhelmingly prefer the convenience of gaming at home, with their laptop, or with their mobile device might from time to time enjoy some live casino action. In lieu of travelling to a bricks and mortar casino, All Slots online casino NZ brings a Live Casino to you via live streaming from a studio! In the Live Casino, you can play blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. We also give you the option of playing singly or in the multi-player format. Finally, All Slots has a professional staff of dealers and croupiers with whom you can interact whilst you play. You may also choose a Playboy Bunny to serve as your dealer.


All Slots has 19 different ways to deposit and withdraw money at the casino. We are well aware that for banking purposes, All Slots must act as if it were a commercial bank. Every act you or we make that involves money is completely secure behind our encryption firewall. All Slots offers so many banking options because players have many concerns when depositing or withdrawing. Some players simply use a credit card whilst others prefer a method that better controls their impulse to gamble; for these gamers, debit cards or money orders may better meet their needs. Some gamers prefer to have their private bank unaware of what they are doing with their money so they transfer money to an ewallet and then from the ewallet to the casino. It’s all about serving our players’ needs.

Keeping Track of Your Account

All Slots has three software programmes that keep track of your gaming and your account. ClearPlay Bonus System keeps track of your play-through requirement when you game using bonus money. PlayCheck keeps track of the result of every game you play at All Slots. You can access PlayCheck as a way of monitoring outcomes or as a way of evaluating your strategic moves in any game. CashCheck keeps track of all your deposits to and withdrawals from All Slots.


In an enterprise as big as All Slots, it is imperative that the public have immediate access to a representative of the casino. All Slots has three contact methods that are open 24/7/365. Gamers from NZ can contact us by chat, email, or toll free telephone. You can contact All Slots anytime and with any question. Our team of trained reps is always standing by to serve.

Have Fun

It is our sincere desire to do everything we can to make your gaming at All Slots entertaining and fun.