Octopays Online Slots

Octopays is an exciting underwater online slots game with adorable baby octopuses, fiercely friendly sea monsters, sunken treasure chests, 243 Ways to Win, and lots of big payouts.

An Underwater Treasure Hunt and Wild Baby Octopuses

With divers’ helmets, rusting anchors, dangerous hammerhead sharks and, of course, treasure chests, the graphic symbols on the Octopaysonline slot machine make it clear that you are embarking on an exciting online underwater treasure hunt.

There are also Baby Octopuses, who appear on reels 2 and 4 only. The Baby Octopus is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination. And if Baby Octopuses appear simultaneously on both Reel 2 and Reel 4, they will trigger the Kraken feature and award you twelve free spins.

Free Spins with the Kraken Feature and the Moray Eel

The Kraken is a mythological sea monster believed to be capable of devouring whole ships along with the unfortunate humans aboard them. But the Kraken in the Octopays online slot game is neither mythological nor particularly monstrous; he is very real and very friendly and in fact wants only to help you win at online slots.

At the start of each of your twelve free spins, the Kraken can reach onto the slot machine reels with his giant red tentacles and place as many as four wild Baby Octopuses on Reels 1, 2, 4, and 5. This is a very good deed by your friendly sea monster, since of course more wild symbols means more chances to win at slots.

And things get even better if a Moray Eel appears on Reel 3 during the free spins. The Moray Eel is a sea creature that is very real and very scary; so scary that any Baby Octopus that is in his vicinity will release a cloud of camouflaging ink in self-defence. An inky Baby Octopus instantly becomes a 2X multiplier wild symbol that doubles the payout of any winning combination that it completes.

The Moray Eel: terrifying to the Baby Octopus, entirely beneficial to the online slots player.

You Say Octopi, I Say Octopuses

As noted above, the Baby Octopuses are wild symbols in Octopays slots, and yes, “octopuses” is indeed the plural of “octopus”. If you have been saying “octopi”, you are mistaken: “octopus” is a Greek word and “-i” is a Latin suffix, appropriate to Latin words like “fungus” but incompatible with Greek words like “octopus”. And this is just one of the many interesting things you can learn every day when you play slots online at All Slots Casino.

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