Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments provide an exciting way to spice up your online blackjack play. In a multi-player online blackjack tournament, you are competing not only against the dealer — as in a regular blackjack game — but also against the other players in the tournament. For a very small entrance fee, you will have a chance to win real cash prizes and to proclaim yourself King (or Queen) of the Blackjack Casino.

The Main Idea of the Blackjack Tournament

The main idea of the multiplayer blackjack tournament is that you are playing against the dealer but competing against the other players. In this sense, tournament play is very different from regular blackjack play in the online casino.

Usually, when you play blackjack online, your only concern is to beat the dealer. You have no interest in how other blackjack players are doing. If you start your session with $2500 in your casino account and you finish with $3000, that’s fantastic. Making $500 for a day’s “work” is great. And if the guy sitting next to you finishes with $3100, who cares? It’s not coming out of your pocket and it’s not costing you anything, so you can feel free to congratulate him on his good fortune.

In tournament play, on the other hand, you must care about that guy with the $3100. He’s the guy you want to beat in order to come out ahead in the tournament. Competing against the other guys and gals in the blackjack casino is what makes blackjack tournament play so challenging, so intriguing, and so exciting.

How an Online Blackjack Tournament Works

Online blackjack tournaments vary greatly in their particulars: the entrance fee, the number of players, the number of rounds, the number of games in each round, the minimum and maximum bets, and the prizes awarded. This is how one typical online blackjack tournament works at All Slots Casino; it will give you the basic idea that you can adapt to whatever tournament you choose to play in.

To find a tournament to join, you go to the “Games View” screen of the online casino, click on “Tournament” and then click on “Blackjack” to see the available blackjack tournaments scheduled for that day, and then click on the tournament you want to join.

In this particular tournament, the entrance fee is $4 and there are 120 players. The tournament takes place over three rounds. For Round 1, the players are seated randomly at multiple tables of six or seven players. The round consists of six hands of blackjack. Each player starts with $2000 in chips and the betting limits on each hand are $10 minimum and $250 maximum. At the end of the round, the top 14 players overall will be promoted to the second round of the tournament.

In Round 2, the 14 qualifying players are seated at two tables. Each player starts the round with $3500, and the betting limits are set at $50 to $500. There are six hands in the round, and the top 7 finishers get invited to play for the prizes in Round 3.

In the third and final round, the seven players sit at one virtual blackjack table. Each player starts with $5000, and the betting limits are $100 to $1000. Six hands of blackjack are played, and at the end of the sixth hand the prizes are awarded:

  • First place: $40
  • Second place: $30
  • Third place: $20
  • Fourth place: $10

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

The blackjack basic strategy chart should serve as the foundation of your tournament blackjack play, as it should for all your blackjack play. You will find, however, that some adjustments in your blackjack strategy will be called for to meet the added challenges and contingencies of tournament play.

If you find yourself leading the tournament, the optimal strategy is to bet conservatively in order to minimize the risks of blowing your lead. Conversely, if you have fallen behind, you will want to bet high in order to make up the lost ground. You might even want to play a little bit extravagantly — doubling down or splitting more than you normally would — to try and win a big payout and catch the leader. Remember, the blackjack basic strategy is based on what works back in the long run, but if you are trailing in a blackjack tournament with two hands to go you don’t have time to think about the long run; you need to take your chances and go for the big win in the short run.

Little to Lose and Much to Win in an Online Blackjack Tournament

One of the great things about playing a blackjack tournament online is that you have nothing to lose but your entrance fee. In the typical tournament described above that’s $4, not much at all for some exciting online entertainment.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the $2500 that you start the tournament with is just play money. If you get a really bad run of cards and lose it all, relax. You haven’t lost $2500. The only real money you lost is your $4 entrance fee, and you should be able to live with that.

And what do you have to gain? The top prize in this tournament is $40. It’s not a huge sum; it won’t make you rich. But it is ten times the amount you paid, and a 10-to-1 return on investment is always a good thing. And that’s not to mention the boost to your self esteem that winning an online blackjack tournament can provide.

Play Blackjack Tournaments Online at All Slots

All Slots Online Casino always has a nice selection of blackjack tournaments scheduled for all times of the day and night. So come to All Slots, find a tournament that appeals to you at a convenient time, and enjoy the unique excitement of the online blackjack tournament. You could become the champion of the online blackjack casino.

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