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Online Slots 101

The original land based video slotsSource: Pixabay

There was a time when slots were large, mechanical contraptions that worked with cogs and wheels, and were massively restricted in the entertainment they offered. But times have changed. Slots turned digital, drastically increasing their entertainment value thanks to added visual effects and advanced sound. Not long after they went digital, they went online.

That’s where we are today. There are a huge number of amazing slots just waiting to be played, and if you’ve never give the reels a spin, now is the perfect time! Why not sign up with All Slots online casino and discover exactly what we have to offer, and it could be your chance to win big!

Basic Functionality

The core concept of a slot is a simple one. The player – that’s you – starts by betting. The bet amount can vary in size, and coin bets may start as low as 0.01. After the bet is placed using the controls at the bottom of the reels to increase or decrease the size and number of coins, the reels are spun and they gradually come to a halt. If the symbols that land on the reels create a matching combination on an active payline, a payout is made. The value of the payout depends on the winning combination achieved, and some combinations are worth more than others.

This is all there is to it. These reel-spinning games are based entirely around luck; meaning that just about anyone can jump right in.

Themed Slots

The first thing to take note of is that in terms of visual appeal, slots have come a long way since their mechanical grandfathers. These days a game can come with just about any theme, with some still even keeping the retro fruit style just for fun.

From popular films, to the latest musicians and even sports themes, the games of today can take a thousand different forms, and still offer the same basic functionality. Fancy a theme about vampires? There is one out there. How about one based on your favourite movie? Also likely one out there. Search far and wide, and you’ll be astonished at what you can find.

Bridesmaids slot

Essentially you can also break them down into 2 categories, the classic reel titles that have 3 reels and 1 or more paylines that are based on the old school mechanical machines, or video slots that combine the features of video gameplay and include impressive animations, superb soundtracks, and extra bonus symbols like Wilds and Scatters. The classic titles tend to have more traditional themes, while their video counterparts cover just about everything you could dream of.


We already mentioned paylines, but let’s look a little closer at what they are and what they mean. Paylines determine the positions that symbols can appear on the reels and grant a payout. Some releases have more paylines than others do, with the number varying drastically from just a few, to as many as a hundred. The more paylines, the more winning opportunities are available. Though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a title with the most paylines is the best. Instead, a game will find a balance between the number of paylines, payout amounts and winning frequency.

You also get Ways to Win titles that feature ‘Winning Ways’, rather than paylines. Matching symbols simply need to land on a winning way to trigger a win.

Jackpots And Bonuses

Lastly, we have jackpots and bonuses. Jackpots are what we all want to win when playing online slots. Each game will have a big, ultimate prize, or otherwise provide special bonuses. These bonuses can be anything from free spins to multipliers, or they may involve a second screen game with a Pick a Box feature, or a Wheel of Fortune that must be spun to reveal rewards.

If you’re looking for really big payouts then you need to play for a Progressive Jackpot. These jackpots grow with every bet placed across a network and can reach into the millions. Other titles don’t have progressive jackpots, but still offer a big prize that is easier to win. Which type you prefer is up to you. Both offer non-stop action, entertainment and the chance to strike it rich!