Online Slot Machines of 2008

2008 — what a year it was! Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States. Michael Phelps won eight Olympic gold medals. Edward G. won the World Series of Slots. And All Slots Online Casino won the OGI Best Slots Casino award while introducing a whole slew of great new online slot machines. Here’s a recap of some of them.

December 2008 New Slot Machines

Deck the Halls online slots
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and All Slots Online Casino has introduced the Deck the Halls online slot machine game just in time for the holidays. With Christmas music playing gently in the background, the Christmas tree, Christmas reindeer, Christmas presents, and of course Santa Claus himself will bring Christmas cheer to your household as you deck the halls with online slots jackpots.Reel Baron online slots
The World War I flying ace, the Reel Baron, wants to bombard you with online slots jackpots in this 5-reel slot machine featuring a rousing military band, three First World War-vintage airplanes, a zeppelin, a helmet and goggles, and a cash bomb. Three Compass symbols trigger a unique free-spins feature: you get 10 free spins, with the multiplier value going up on each one, culminating in a final free spin with a 10X multiplier.

Sunset Showdown online slots
Join the sassiest cowgirl in the West as she saunters into town for the Sunset Showdown, equipped with her saddle and boots, her revolvers for shooting down bad guys, and her money bag for distributing online slots jackpots. The Baddy bonus game allows you to shoot bad guys and win slots jackpots at the same time. The Sunset Showdown online slots game takes you into the Wild West at its absolute wildest!

My Slot online slots
Do you want to be the star of your own online slots game? Maybe you would like yourself to be the wild symbol, your spouse to be the scatter symbol, and your dog, your kids, your parents, and your in-laws to be the other winning slots symbols. With My Slot online slots, you can customize the 5-reel slot machine to create your own unique personal online slots game. And you can still win real money slots jackpots, just like in a regular online slots game.

November 2008 New Slot Machines

Lucky News Network online slot machine
Most of us like to complain that there is only bad news on the TV news shows. Well, that has changed with the inauguration of the Lucky News Network online slots game. Meet the male and female newscasters in the studio, the camera man on the scene, and the special reporters bringing reports on weather, traffic, sports, money, health and movies. The Lucky News Network brings only good news, including news of a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and the chance to win big slot machine jackpots. There could be some lucky news for you on the Lucky News Network online slot machine game.Star Appeal online slot machine
You will feel like a star yourself when you join the Hollywood starlet in the Star Appeal online slot game. This 5-reel slot machine gives you all the perks a true star deserves: 30 paylines, multipliers, free spins, and special substitutes. The Starlet is joined by her agent and her dog, shows off her sidewalk star and her acting award, and of course the dreaded paparazzo. If you love movie stars and their celebrity lifestyle, this is the online slot machine game for you.

October 2008 New Slot Machines

Spike’s Nite Out online slots
It is amazing to see the online slot machines that appear in All Slots Online Casino. First we had Alley Cats, featuring cats who bowl. Now we have Spike’s Nite Out, with dogs who play poker. Yes, it sounds crazy, but thanks to some great online slots graphics and sound effects, this crazy idea comes to life in this five-reel online slot machine. You’ll enjoy the dogs with their cards, the dogs with their poker chips, the dogs with their cigars and beer (what’s poker night without cigars and beer?), and the dog collar with the coveted Poker Champ medallion. The dogs’ eternal nemesis, the cat, also puts in an appearance, but he can’t play because he’s all tied up. You’ll enjoy your online slots night as much as Spike and his friends enjoy their poker night when you play Spike’s Night Out slots online.Bob’s Bowling Bonanza online slots
The Alley Cats aren’t the only ones who enjoy bowling. Millions of people throughout the world enjoy this healthy, fun, and sociable sport. Well, if you’re a bowler, you can now enjoy your favorite pastime as an online slots game too. Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is a 5-reel slot machine featuring the bowlers Bob and Babs, along with all the bowling paraphernalia: bowling pins, bowling ball, bowling shoes, and bowling trophy. A scatter symbol, a wild symbol, and The Perfect Game bonus feature give you more chances to win at slots in this fun online slot machine game. If you like bowling, and you enjoy playing slots online, you’re sure to love the Bob’s Bowling Bonanza online slot machine.

Jonny Specter online slots
Released especially for Halloween, this chilling thrilling online slots game is fun to play all year round. The most unusual feature of the Johnny Specter online video slot machine is the Wandering Ghost wandering wild symbol. The Wandering Ghost wanders all over the five reels of the slot machine, and when it picks a symbol to “haunt,” that symbol turns into a wild symbol. There is also the Dead Ghost, which is a scatter symbol, and the Mansion, which triggers the Ghost Busting bonus game. There are plenty of other spooky online slot machine symbols to make Jonny Specter the perfect online casino slots for Halloween or whenever you’re in that horror-movie mood for spooky entertainment.

September 2008 New Slot Machines

First Past the Post online slot machine
First the Post is a 5-reel 25-payline online slot machine designed for fans of thoroughbred horse racing. The White Horse, the Brown Horse, and the Black Horse are all wild symbols that can complete winning paylines. All three horses appearing at the same time will activate the First Past The Post horse-race bonus game. The Trophy is a scatter symbol in this online slots game, and the Racing Fan, the Betting Ticket, the Tote Board, and the bubbly Champagne add to the fun of your day at the races.Sir Winsalot online slot machine
The Sir Winsalot online slots game takes you back to the medieval kingdom to help you win a lot of money. It features the king, the knight, the lady, the wizard, the musician, and the jester, as well as the roasted pig, the golden goblet, and the treasure chest, with charming music of the lute playing in the background for your pleasure. Sir Winsalot is a special online slot machine: it has a wild symbol, not one but two scatter symbols, and not one but two bonus games. All of these features are to help you win a lot with Sir Winsalot.

August 2008 New Slot Machines

Stash of the Titans online slot game
Stash of the Titans is 5-reel, 20-payline, and 200-coin online slot machine based on figures from Greek mythology. The mythological figures are presented as cartoonish more than heroic, making this a fun and light-hearted online slot game. It does, however, feature some pretty heroic background music as you play the slots. The Stash of the Titans symbol is a wild and multiplier symbol, while Medusa acts as a scatter symbol and also activates the Free Spins bonus game. Other symbols that can create winning slots combinations are Pegasus, Hydra, Cyclops, Griffon, Minotaur, Centaur, Satyr, the Hellhounds, the Temple, and the Treasure Chest.The Adventures of Galactic Gopher online slot game
Space travel was never so much fun before the Galactic Gopher and his friends got on board the space ship. Join Galactic Gopher, Astro Ape, Deep Space Dog, Spaced Out Snake, and Cosmic Chicken as they explore the galaxy, seek out free spins and big jackpots, and boldly go where no gopher has gone before. The zoological space travelers are silly, but the fun is real and the jackpots are serious on the Galactic Gopher 30-payline online slot machine.

July 2008 New Slot Machines

Big Kahuna — Snakes & Ladders video slot machine
All Slots already had a Big Kahuna video slot machine with an exotic Hawaiian theme. Now it has added the sequel: Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders. With the Snakes and Ladders bonus game, you could win 100 times the amount of your bet, and you are certain to have the most fun you’ve ever had playing online slots as you climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes in your quest to retrieve the Big Kahuna’s stolen mask.Jolly Jester video slot machine
No matter what kind of a mood you’re in, the Jolly Jester is bound to make you smile. As he entertains the king and queen in their castle, the Jolly Jester will entertain you, too, with 25 paylines and the Jolly Jester free spins feature. The Jolly Jester himself is the wild symbol in this online slots game, which increases your chances of winning at slots only adds to the joy that the Jolly Jester can bring you. Five Jolly Jester symbols pays out 10,000 coins — you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

June 2008 New Slot Machines

Bomber Girls online slots
The six gorgeous bomber girls bring the tools of their trade — airplanes, bombs, aviator goggles, and a compass — to drop big bombs on the enemy and drop big jackpots on you. This 5-reel 20-payline online slot machine also features the new High-Low and Double Up bonus games. You’re sure to have a blast with the Bomber Girls online slots game.Lucky Shot online slots
Lucky Shot is a new online slots game designed for golfers and the people who love them. With five golfers and their assorted golfing paraphernalia, this online slot machine offers some new insights into the glorious game of golf as well as two scatters symbols, bonus features, and some championship-sized jackpots.

Days of the Tsar online slots
The Days of the Tsar online slots game is designed to appeal to those online slots players — and there are many of them — who enjoy playing slot machines with historical themes. This online slot machine features Tsar Nicholas and his Tsarina in the waning days of the Russian monarchy. Tsar Nicholas himself is — fittingly — the wild symbol in this 5-reel 25-payline online slots game.

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