Online Slots Tournaments

Participating in an online slots tournament is one of the best ways to enjoy playing online slots. For a very low — or no — entrance fee, you can join the online slots community and compete against your fellow online slot machine enthusiasts for cash prizes and the proud feeling of being Number 1 in online slots.

Joining an Online Slots Tournament

There are two formats of online slots tournaments. Scheduled tournaments start at a specified dated and time. Sit & Go tournaments start as soon as the requisite number of players have registered.

It’s easy to join either type of online slots tournament. First, register as a Real Player with All Slots Online Casino. Then, go into the Games Lobby in the casino software, click Tournaments, and then click Slots. Then scroll through the list of available tournaments, select the one you want to play in, and click Join. If there are any additional instructions, they will appear on your screen.

Playing in an Online Slots Tournament

Online slots tournaments at All Slots Casino feature many of the most popular online slot games including Avalon, Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II, Gold Factory, and Immortal Romance as well as many others. The tournament play is the same as regular online slot machine play, except that every time you spin, your wager is automatically deducted from your Coin Box, and every time you hit a winning slots combination, your winnings are automatically added to your Win Box. The big difference between an online slots tournament and regular online slots play is that you are not playing one-on-one to beat the slot machine, but playing to beat the other slots players in the tournament.

All players in the online slots tournament start with the same number of coins in their Coin Box. As you play, your wagers are taken from your Coin Box, so you will see your Coin Box getting smaller through the course of the tournament. This is normal and not something to worry about.

You also have a Win Box, which is separate from your Coin Box. Every time you hit a winning slots combination, your winnings are deposited into your Win Box. As you continue playing and winning, your Win Box balance will get bigger and bigger. Your Win Box balance is the all-important number that will determine the winner of the online slots tournament.

The Play Time Clock tells you how much time you have to play in the tournament. The Play Time clock usually starts at 15 minutes — more or less in different tournaments — and starts running down from your first spin until it reaches zero and you are out of time.

Finally, there is the Leader Board which tells you where you stand in relation to the other players in the tournament. Every time more coins are added to your Win Box you will see your standing on the Leader Board move up. The final Leader Board at the end of the online slots tournament determines the prize winners.

Winning an Online Slots Tournament

An online slots tournament is very quick — it usually lasts for only about fifteen minutes, more or less. The player with the most coins in his Win Box at the end of the time is the winner of the tournament. But bear in mind that the coins left over in your Coin Box don’t count. The watchword here is “use ’em or lose ’em.” Also bear in mind that your losing spins don’t count against you. Your Win Box moves in only one direction — up. A winning spin will make it bigger, but a losing spin won’t make it smaller.

The prizes for winning an online slots tournament vary considerably. And remember that you don’t necessarily have to finish in first place to win something in an online slots tournament. Runners-up can win prizes too.

For example, a small tournament with a $2 entry fee can award a top prize of $50 and an eighth-place prize of $8. A big online slots tournament with a $20 entry fee can award a top prize of $15,000 and a prize to the 35th place finisher of $100. And this is just a small sample of the wide variety of prize structures you can find in online slots tournaments at All Slots.

Slots Strategy for an Online Slots Tournament

As discussed above, the goal in an online slots tournament is to accumulate the highest number of coins in your Win Box before the end of the tournament. The two key elements to a winning slots tournament strategy are:

Always Bet the Max. The key to getting the biggest wins is to make the biggest wagers. Since the coins left over in your Coin Box don’t count in your favour, there is no point in conserving your coins. Bet as much as you can to win as much as you can.

Play Fast.Most online slots tournaments only last for 15 minutes, some only 5 or 10. A few might last 20 minutes, but even that is not a lot of time to play slots online. In order to win the most coins in a short time period, you have to move quickly. As soon as the reels of the online slot machine stop spinning, click Spin again. Don’t take any breaks, and don’t waste time checking the leader board to see how you’re doing. Just spin, spin, spin to win, win, win.

Rebuy and Continue Play Options

Rebuy and Continue Play are options that enable you to invest a little money to try to boost your standing in the online slots tournament.

Rebuy is essentially a chance for a do-over when you have not done as well as you would have liked in the tournament. When you rebuy, your Win Box is reset to zero and you are given the same number of coins in your Coin Box and the same amount of time on your Play Clock as you had at the beginning of the tournament. When you finish playing, your highest Win Box total — either your original total or your Rebuy total — goes up on the Leader Board.

Continue Play, as you would guess, adds more coins and more time so you can continue playing after you have used up either your coins or your time. Your Win Box does not reset to zero but remains as it was after your initial round and continues to accumulate more coins.

Rebuy and Continue Play both cost money but they can often be a worthwhile investment that can move you up to the top of the online slots tournament Leader Board where you can receive a cash prize that will make your investment pay off.

Good Luck in the Online Slots Tournament

Online slots tournaments are a wonderful way to enjoy playing online casino slots. You will find that there is a mixed atmosphere of camaraderie and competitiveness among the tournament participants. You could win a nice cash prize, and you are certain to have a good time playing the online slot game.

So join an online slots tournament, have fun, and Good Luck!

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