The Osbournes Online Slots

You can love ’em or hate ’em, but you can’t be indifferent about the Osbournes. Ozzy Osbourne first rose to fame as the controversial lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Later on, Ozzy, together with his wife Sharon and their kids Kelly and Jack, starred in the reality TV show “The Osbournes.” If you’re one of those who love the Osbournes, then The Osbournes online slot machine is for you.

Online Slots with Ozzy and the Family

The stars of The Osbournes online slots are, of course, Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack, who else?. Other slot machine symbols that appear are Mini the cat, a framed Osbourne Family group portrait, a guitar, a microphone, the Emmy Award that The Osbournes won for an Outstanding Reality Program, and the door knocker and chair from the Osbourne family home. A psychedelic introductory video and a hard rock beat in the background complete the scenario as you join the weird but exciting Osbourne family saga.

Special Features of the Osbournes Online Slots

The Osbournes online slot machine comes loaded with some great online casino slots features. There is a wild symbol and two scatter symbols. There are also three bonus games: the Knock Knock bonus game, the Grab a Gift bonus game, in which you can win up to 6,000 coins, and Mini’s Free Spin Trail Bonus Game, in which you can win up to 300,000 coins.

All of these special features mean that there are a lot of ways to win a lot of real money playing slots online with The Osbournes.

Not Your Typical Online Slot Machine

The Osbournes are not your typical family next door, and The Osbournes is not your typical online slot machine. With all those fun symbols from The Osbournes reality TV show, and packed with special features and bonus games, The Osbournes online slot game is indeed something special. Try playing online slots with the Osbournes and see for yourself!

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