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Could Humans Live On Mars – Permanently?

a breathtaking satellite shot of Sirenum Fossae on Mars

Source: NASA / Unsplash Online casinos have seen some serious tech-based shake-ups in a relatively short time.  Similarly, as technology advances, and concerns about humanity’s future on Earth increase, arguments favoring space colonization gain momentum. One planet many scientists believe could eventually house humanity is Mars, the famous, giant red planet. Could we colonize there permanently and what would it look like? And how far away are we from that reality? Fiction Could Become [Read more ...]

How Global Warming Is Wrecking The Planet

Australia’s koalas have suffered in recent wildfires.

Source: Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash Many modern disasters are caused by humans, like war, violence, crime…but scientists say that we’re also to blame for many of the natural disasters that have been on the rise in recent years. That includes everything from forest fires and tornadoes to crazy snow storms. Experts warn that if we don’t get climate change in check, these disasters could become the new normal, so it’s important to focus on reducing our impact on climate change when [Read more ...]

Get Mental: Top Brain Perks of Card Games

pile of face-up playing cards

Source: Jack Hamilton/Unsplash Are you a card shark? After reading this article, you may want to become an ace at rummy and poker. Many card games can help keep a person mentally sharp, including boosting memory, enhancing confidence, and even improving business and professional skills. Beyond the pure enjoyment of card games as a hobby or social experience, jump into an activity that can hone intellectual power. All Slots discusses the unique mental-building benefits of playing cards. Cut the [Read more ...]

Bitcoin at $1 Billion Lights Way for Casinos

a bitcoin propped up with “B” logo engraved in black

Source: Getty Images Bitcoin recently reached its $1 billion milestone in cumulative transaction fees. This goalpost fell on the eleventh anniversary of the breakthrough cryptocurrency. Since it was officially launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamotoa, more than 200,000 Bitcoin have now been paid in transaction fees. Online casinos have also leveraged the benefits of Bitcoin for many years. Bitcoin gambling has gained momentum since 2012 and shows no signs of stopping. Read more from All Slots on [Read more ...]

Millennials and the Future of Gambling

A group of millennials laughing and posing for the camera

Source: Getty Images Millennials comprise roughly 31.5 percent of the world’s population. Born between 1981 and 1996, this generation, also known as Generation Y, is the first exposed mostly to living in the Information Age. This demographic is also known for another unique trait: the possibility of ending the concept of the 9-to-5 job. Within the next three years, 60% of Millennials can be expected to leave their companies, costing certain industries significant money to replace the [Read more ...]

The Top Five Rugby Union Players

Jonah Lomu signing copies of his autobiogrpahy.

Source: Wikimedia Before rugby union turned professional in the 1990s, several players could have claimed to be among the best ever. Many think that the Welshman, Gareth Edwards, was the best scrum-half the game has ever seen, for example. There again, few instinctive counter attackers could match the prowess of one of the best full-backs of all time, Frenchman Serge Blanco. It is a bit like arguing over your favourite slot because it is all a matter of opinion. In fact, it is hard to compare [Read more ...]

How to Call Out a Friend For Sexism

Anti-sexism protestors in London.

Source: Wikimedia Over the past few decades, there has been plenty of progress in the fight against sexual discrimination. And yet, low levels of sexism persist in all areas of society and – in some cases – it is still unfortunately rife. Some men, for example, demean women’s sport, think that females are not as skilled at gambling despite evidence to the contrary and that the gender pay gap is a result of lower quality work, on average, than from institutional issues. Sure, sexism is [Read more ...]

GTA Online’s rarest car can only be won in the casino

Grand Theft Auto logo

Source: Wikimedia Most games entice gamers with prizes and loot boxes. Well, Grand Theft Auto Online just made their games worth more of your time. They are expanding their rewards to include exclusive vehicles, and every fan is raving about the Vapid Lost Slamvan. After years of blacklisting it and allowing the players to use it in missions only, they are making it available permanently. Gamers do not just win the car; they get to keep it. A dream come true for Grand Theft Auto Online [Read more ...]

The Top 10 Films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival

The 2019 Venice Festival line-up

Source: Nextbestpicture The 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival kicks off on 29th August and ends on 7th September. With the official announcement of the international movie line-up, the festival is taking shape. Long-awaited releases will feature in the anticipated fall film season with the likes of Brad Pitt’s drama ‘Ad Astra’ and DC’s standalone movie ‘Joker’ setting the scene for an exciting festival. So why not take a break from your favourite [Read more ...]

Why Do We Yawn?

Because babies yawn, we know that it isn't a learned behaviour, but an innate one.

Source: Wikimedia A yawn is a deep breath that is taken within a normal breathing cycle, usually with the mouth wide open, presumably to maximise the body’s capacity to feed the lungs with greater levels of oxygen. If you have been spending hours gambling online or playing video games, then yawning is probably a sign that you ought to take a break and do something else for a bit. That said, yawning does not only occur after we have been relatively sedentary for a period of time. We can [Read more ...]