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Source:Nick Youngson All Slots supports the safest, most secure banking methods so that you can spend more time doing what you love: playing the online games. All transactions at All Slots are facilitated through Digimedia Ltd., a subsidiary of All Slots. On your banking statement, your deposits will usually be attributed to one of the following: Seabrook Ltd Group 3 or Digimedia 1. The following banking methods are available for processing deposits and withdrawals: Visa MasterCard Source:Hloom [Read more ...]

Top African Soccer Rivalries

Casablanca derby

Source: Wikimedia African nations play a high standard of football these days, largely as a result of leading players from the continent plying their professional trade for European clubs. International football in Africa is often exciting a free-flowing with some exceptionally skilful players on show. That said, there are plenty of clubs in the continent that are able to build up the quality of their squads from home grown talent and the quality of African domestic football is getting better [Read more ...]

A Hard Man is Good to Find


Source: Pixabay Birds do it. Bees do it. And now, apparently, even hominid simulacrums affectionately dubbed ‘Humpin’ Henry’ do it. What exactly is a hominid simulacrum, you ask? Plainly put, it’s a human replica. A carbon copy of sorts. And what’s the purpose of this particular one? Let’s just say to mimic what his female counterpart, Harmony, has been offering since her release in 2018. Sex. Only, much like Harmony, Henry’s not offering just any kind [Read more ...]

How Well Do You Know Your Game Of Thrones Family Trees?

Game of Thrones still.

Author:BagoGames Do you really understand all the marriages in the Game of Thrones dynasties? And are you clear about the clandestine affairs and secret children who have their own roles to play in the unravelling of the saga? This is a tough ask even for the most avid fan. So to help you keep track, here’s a brief rundown of who’s who in the main houses of the sometimes perplexing GoT universe. House of Stark Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark (deceased) and his wife Catelyn had a [Read more ...]

The Lessons to Be Learned From the Momo Challenge


Source:Nouvel Obs The internet is full of dangers for children so it is little wonder that parents fall for hoaxes sometimes which target their worst fears, such as the Momo challenge. Of course, much of the fuss over Momo spread over social media sites like Facebook. Although Facebook is supposed to have a minimum age requirement of 13, insufficient checks are carried out to verify the ages of users unlike the more stringent checks that are in place at casinos and other adult-only online [Read more ...]

The Unluckiest People In History

Being struck by lightning is unlucky.

Source: Hansueli Krapf/Wikimedia It is natural enough to think that luck goes in streaks. Whether we think we are on a run of good fortune or bad luck, it is hard to get past the idea that it will take something significant to change it. For example, while playing casino games, every spin or hand might sometimes seem to go against you with the unwelcome feeling that you could be the unluckiest person ever. Well, even if you are seriously wondering about your poor run of luck, then it is not [Read more ...]

Are Instagram Influencers Really Just Peddling Advertisements?

The influencers

Author: The Influencers Almost from the very beginning, social media has been involved in rewriting the rules of online advertising. Brands developed blogs, responded to comments, developed communities and soon realised that social media activity could often develop a momentum of its own. The first brand ambassadors and influencers were essentially savvy online users who realised that building their own networks of thousands of fans and followers would sooner or later attract the attention of [Read more ...]

The Five Greatest Successful Casino Scams

blackjack cards

Source: Pixabay There have always been those out to deceive others and profit from the experience. After all, as Gandhi’s famous comment goes: “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need, but not for man’s greed”. And that’s certainly true of casinos where there has been an eternal cat and mouse game between scammers and casino security. So here are five of the greatest casino scams which prove scammers are prepared go to enormous lengths to stack the odds in their favour. [Read more ...]

2018 Celebrity Deaths

Celebrity deaths 2018

Source: Pixabay In 2017, Chuck Berry, Roger Moore, Hugh Hefner and Charles Manson shuffled off this mortal coil. In 2016, David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher and Zsa Zsa Gabor followed, each crossing the great divide. The year before that, Leonard Nimoy and Wes Craven bit the big one. In 2014, Joan Rivers, Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams drew their last breaths. And sadly, 2018 proved to be no different, claiming some of the most iconic figures the world has come to know and [Read more ...]

Preventing drone disruption

drone disruption

Source: Pixabay The pre-Christmas drone disruption at Gatwick airport which began on 19 December, 2018, was the first reported drone incident to affect a major British airport. There’s no doubt that the novelty of the occurrence, the large number of airport travellers, and the fact that the incident took place just as darkness was falling, all contributed to the difficulty of managing the situation. Unfortunately, the event itself and its aftermath have left the public with a sense that [Read more ...]