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Preventing drone disruption

drone disruption

Source: Pixabay The pre-Christmas drone disruption at Gatwick airport which began on 19 December, 2018, was the first reported drone incident to affect a major British airport. There’s no doubt that the novelty of the occurrence, the large number of airport travellers, and the fact that the incident took place just as darkness was falling, all contributed to the difficulty of managing the situation. Unfortunately, the event itself and its aftermath have left the public with a sense that [Read more ...]

Promoting a right to repair

mobile phones

Source: Pixabay As the digital world develops ever more consumer items to enable us to do things faster, smarter, more conveniently etc., there’s a storm brewing in the wings. Almost all this equipment is stuffed full of electronics – toothbrushes, suitcases, wallets and even some items of clothing are bursting with sensors and other e-parts designed to make our lives easier. The problem is what to do if they should suddenly fail – usually when you need them the most, and almost always [Read more ...]

The Surprising Rise of The Throuple

Throuples now a trend

Source: Pixabay It goes without saying that maintaining a traditional monogamous relationship is hard work, no matter what romantic comedies suggest. Living with another human in their space and being a part of every aspect of their life is certainly nothing to be taken lightly. There is, after all, a reason that the divorce rate is through the roof, and that couples therapists make a small fortune. So, of course, some have come to the conclusion that adding a third person into the situation [Read more ...]

James Bond’s Playlist Revealed

James Bond’s Playlist Revealed

Source: 8Tracks Dapper, daring, and dangerous, James Bond is undoubtedly the ultimate secret service agent, and one of the greatest literary and movie characters of all time. His love of danger, action, and women, or of dangerous, active women, is well known, but what do we really know about his taste in music? What would you hear if you found his iPod and hit Play? We have the answers! Don’t ask us how we know what’s on 007’s playlist. All you need to do is trust us to [Read more ...]

Your Guide to the Ultimate Christmas Food

A Christmas feast

Source: Pixabay Christmas is right around the corner, and that means some serious eating is on the cards. Whether you believe the tales about the birth of Jesus, see it as a modern take on an ancient solstice celebration, or simply appreciate it as a time of family and friends, it usually involves a whole lot of cooking. This can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday (to say nothing about in-laws, drunk uncles, and bratty cousins), but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of [Read more ...]

Should You Get Time Off Work If Your Pet Dies?

Pets that are part of the family

Source: Pixabay For many around the world, losing a pet is a deeply sad and sometimes traumatic experience. A dog or cat quickly becomes a firm friend and part of the family, and is often around for a decade or more. So when this friend passes, significant grief is an obvious reality, and it can be an understandably emotional time. But should a pet owner be allowed time off in the case of a beloved furry friend passing on? Most companies around the world would probably take a request of time [Read more ...]

Online Slots 101

The original land based video slots

Source: Pixabay There was a time when slots were large, mechanical contraptions that worked with cogs and wheels, and were massively restricted in the entertainment they offered. But times have changed. Slots turned digital, drastically increasing their entertainment value thanks to added visual effects and advanced sound. Not long after they went digital, they went online. That’s where we are today. There are a huge number of amazing slots just waiting to be played, and if you’ve never [Read more ...]

5 DIY Car Maintenance Jobs

5 DIY Car Maintenance Jobs

Source: Red Shoes Coaching New cars are cool. They look flashy, do fancy things with touchscreens, and some will even listen when you tell them about your woes. That’s not to say they will respond appropriately, but you sure can tell them, given the recent advancements in voice-activated technology. So, we all love modern cars, right? Yes, mostly, we all love how fancy modern cars have become. There is only one small downside. Opening up the hood of a modern car can feel like gazing [Read more ...]

Reasons to Fly First Class

Perks of flying first class

Source: the Luxury Travel Expert First Class plane tickets are astronomically expensive. This is down to the perks they provide, and the fact that they make it possible for airlines to offer hugely discounted Economy Class seats. But when the difference between ticket prices is 70%, can paying for First Class be justified? Is it worth the expense? Simply put, yes and no. Simple monetary or mathematical comparison would say it is not. But there are some serious advantages. If you land a major [Read more ...]

New Game Release – Cash of Kingdoms!

Cash of Kingdoms slot

It’s that time again when the powers that be unveil a new casino game to the masses. That game is Cash of Kingdoms, or as I prefer to call it, Ca$h of Kingdoms. Microgaming, makers of online casino gaming content for a bazillion years already, are at it once again, and they’ve done everyone a favour by giving this new game a dual release. This means that Cash of Kingdoms will be available as both an online video slot game and a mobile slot game. If you’re a serious slots player then you [Read more ...]