Online Blackjack Games: Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Whether you’re talking about the perfect pair of shoes or a perfect pair of lovers, nothing can beat perfection. And a perfect pair of blackjack cards can win you a big bonus payout in the Perfect Pairs online blackjack game.

Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold

Most people call it Perfect Pairs Blackjack for short, but the official name of the game is Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold. And just what does that tongue twister mean? Well, let’s break it down.

Multi-Hand means it is a multi-hand blackjack game that gives you the option of playing one blackjack hand at a time or up to five hands simultaneously. Perfect Pairs means you can make the Perfect Pairs side bet for a bonus payout of up to 30 to 1. It is the Perfect Pairs side bet that makes Perfect Pairs Blackjack such a unique and exciting online casino game. European Blackjack means that the game follows the European Blackjack rules: two decks; no hole card; dealer stands on soft 17. Gold means this game is part of the Blackjack Gold Series of online blackjack games featuring enhanced graphics and sound effects.

And there you have it: Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold.

The Perfect Pairs Online Blackjack Side Bet

You start a game of Perfect Pairs Blackjack just as you start any game of online blackjack: by placing your bet on the virtual blackjack table. But the interesting twist in the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is that, in addition to your regular blackjack bet, you can make a Perfect Pairs side bet. The Perfect Pairs side bet can be the same amount as your regular bet, or it can be bigger or smaller.

The outcome of the Perfect Pairs side bet is based on your first two cards and is decided immediately after the deal of the cards. If your first two cards are a pair, you win a payout as follows:

    • Mixed pair: A pair of different colours, such as a red king and a black king, pays out 7 to 1.
    • Coloured pair: A pair of the same colour, such as a king of diamonds and a king of hearts, pays 15 to 1.
    • Perfect pair: Two of the same card, such as a king of diamonds and another king of diamonds, pays out 30 to 1.

Some Perfect Pairs Points to Remember

Perfect Pairs blackjack is played with two decks of blackjack cards. That is what makes it possible to get a perfect pair — two of the same card.

The dealer’s hand has no effect on your Perfect Pairs side bet. If you have a pair, you win; if you don’t have a pair, you lose. It all depends on the cards in your hand; the dealer’s cards have nothing to do with it.

The denomination of your pair is irrelevant. Remember, you’re not playing poker here. In poker, a pair of kings beats a pair of 8s. In Perfect Pairs Blackjack, they’re equal.

Playing the Blackjack Game

The Perfect Pairs side bet is determined immediately after the deal of the cards. If you don’t have a pair, you lose the side bet. If you have a pair, you are credited with your bonus payout and the side bets are removed from the virtual blackjack table.

After the side bet is determined, the online blackjack game proceeds as a normal game of European Blackjack. Whether you won or lost the side bet has no bearing on whether you will win or lose your regular blackjack bet. As in all blackjack games, you win the regular bet in Perfect Pairs blackjack if you obtain a hand of cards whose total is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, but without going over.

The European Blackjack rules, which are also applicable to Perfect Pairs online blackjack, provide that the dealer must stand on all 17s. You may double down only on a hand of 9, 10, or 11. You may split only one time, you may not split unlike 10-value cards, and you cannot double down after splitting. You may hit after splitting aces. There is no dealer’s hole card, and there is no insurance and no surrender.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Strategy

Since the Perfect Pairs side bet is determined immediately upon the deal of the cards, it has no effect on your blackjack play or your blackjack strategy. You may use a standard blackjack basic strategy chart, appropriate for a 2-deck blackjack game in which the dealer stands on soft 17.

A point to bear in mind is that if you have a pair in Perfect Pairs Blackjack, you are free to split or not split according to your blackjack strategy. Splitting your pair will have no effect on your Perfect Pairs side bet, which has already been won and paid before you start to play your hand.

Winning at Perfect Pairs Blackjack Online

The great thing about playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack online is that you know that the bonus payouts are realistically winnable. It’s not like you have to be exceptionally lucky or be hit by lightning to win a jackpot. Anyone who plays blackjack, whether in a land-based casino or in an online casino, knows that pairs appear pretty regularly. That’s one of the reasons why the blackjack experts devote so much effort to perfecting their blackjack splitting strategies.

A perfect pair is a difficult, but not impossible, achievement. But mixed pairs and coloured pairs are everyday occurrences in any game of blackjack. So if you play Perfect Pairs Blackjack online, do not be surprised if you see a steady stream of 7-to-1 and 15-to-1 jackpots heading your way, topped off by the occasional 30-to-1 jackpot for a perfect pair. You can definitely win at blackjack when you play Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs could be the perfect online blackjack game for you!

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