Phantom Cash Online Slots

Start with four ghastly ghosts, two dapper ghost catchers, and a haunted castle. Put them all in a darkly forbidding 19th-century setting from the age of the steam engine, add in 25 paylines, scatter and wild symbols, free spins with a unique Ghost Zap feature, and some spooky sound effects, and you have a fantastic online slots game called Phantom Cash.

The Phantom Cash Online Slot Machine Symbols

The main symbols on the Phantom Cash online slot machine are the four ghosts: two male, two female, all of them fantastically eerie. Then there are the two distinguished ghost catchers: Thurmingham, who appears only on Reel 1, and Carstairs, who appears only on Reel 5, are both wild multiplier symbols that can substitute for other symbols and double your payouts.

The haunted castle is a scatter symbol. Three or more haunted castles scattered anywhere on the slot machine reels will award you a payout and also trigger free spins with the Ghost Zap feature.

Free Spins with Ghost Zap

When you start your free spins in the Phantom Cash online slot game, you will notice a Ghost Meter set to 8 at the top of the screen. The Ghost Meter is an integral part of the Ghost Zap feature in the free spins game.

Every time Thurmingham appears on Reel 1 or Carstairs appears on Reel 5 during free spins, he will zap any ghost that appears on the same row, awarding you a bonus payout of two times your total bet and decreasing the Ghost Meter by one. If Thurmingham and Carstairs happen to appear on the same row, they will give the ghost a double zap from two directions and award you a double bonus payout of four times your total bet.

The Free Spins game in Phantom Cash does not have a specified number of spins but continues until the Ghost Meter reaches 0. But if you get three scatter Haunted Castle symbols during the free spins, the free spins will be retriggered and the Ghost Meter will jump up by 8 ghosts.

Play Phantom Cash Slots at All Slots

Phantom Cash slots is an online casino game that is so spooky, so forbidding, and at the same time so appealing, that you have to play it to believe it. Try Phantom Cash at All Slots Online Casino for an experience you will not soon forget.

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