Poker Strategies

Oodles of books have been written offering poker strategies and tips. Poker is as ubiquitous as apple pie in America, and therefore garners a great deal of attention and interest. Here, we will explore a number of simple and easy strategies to enjoy your poker game and to increase your chance of winning.

Practice with Free Online Poker

When starting to play online poker, the first thing that you should do is play for free. Many online poker sites offer the opportunity to play a few free games. Before you play poker for real money, go ahead and take advantage of the experience. It will help you to learn which buttons to click, how to place a bet, and how to use your poker strategies to win at poker. This is a very important way to learn about playing poker online before jumping in with your wallet.

There are so many different types of poker games, and it’s important to realize that the poker strategies vary depending on which poker game you are choosing to play. Here, we will feature basic strategies for three popular poker games: Texas Hold’em Poker, Seven-Card Stud Poker, and Five-Card Stud Poker.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

For Texas Hold’em Poker, it’s important to play only strong hands that will stand or raise or give multiple raises from early betting positions. You can play medium-strength and other playable hands from the later position if you think you’ll see the flop at a reasonable price. It’s best to play strong hands most of the time, and to play them aggressively. Take all the raises you can get. Finally, be ready to fold your high pair if you get too much action with a threatening flop.

Seven-Card Stud Poker Strategy

Now, let’s take a look at Seven-Card Stud Poker. Keep in mind that this is a high-card game. Most hands that win are decided by the highest pair and not by straights, flushes or other big winning poker hands. If you start with a straight or flush draw, it should have at least two high cards or at least one card that is higher than anything else on the board. If you have a low pair or draw starting hand, they need to improve quickly to justify continuing to play them. Any time your high hand is beaten on the board you should fold, unless you think you still have the best draw hand.

Five-Card Stud Poker Strategy

Five-Card Stud Poker is also a high card or pairs game. With only one card down, it is easier than with most other games to put your opponents on hands. Pay close attention to how each opponent plays. Usually, you shouldn’t start without either a pair or at least one live card that beats the board. Usually fold if you don’t have at least a pair in the first three cards. Almost always fold if you are beaten on the board and do not have a good draw to the best hand.

Each poker game has a slight variation on the classic game of poker. Before starting to play poker, it’s very important to know which type of poker game you are playing, and to be very familiar with the poker rules for that particular game. Try out a few free games before you jump in with your money. Know the tips and poker strategies and try them out. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your time playing poker!

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