Online Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a fun and exciting online poker game that is easy to play. What makes Poker Pursuit different from other types of poker games is that you are able to increase your real-money winnings by increasing the number of coins you decide to bet.
In Poker Pursuit you are dealt three cards at first and then, before the fourth and fifth cards are dealt, you can choose to raise your bet by one coin or, alternatively, to call for an additional card without increasing your bet. Smart decisions on when to raise and when to call are the key to maximizing your winnings and minimizing your losses.

Rules of Poker Pursuit

Online Poker Pursuit is loosely based on 5-card draw poker. The main goal of the game is to try and maximize your winnings while keeping your losses to a minimum. In Poker Pursuit, after three cards are dealt, you have an opportunity to either hold your bet or raise. A fourth card is dealt, and, again, you can choose to hold or raise. A fifth card is then dealt. Payouts are based on hands starting with a pair of tens or better. There are no wild cards in Poker Pursuit and the maximum payout is 3,000 coins.

How to Play Poker Pursuit

Before starting to play Poker Pursuit online, you must place your initial bet by clicking the “Plus” or “Minus” button to choose the coin size you want to use. Once you have set your bet, click the “Deal” button. This initiates the first phase of the game, in which the first three cards are dealt.

After examining your three initial cards, you have the option to call or raise. If you would like to call, simply click the “Call” button; if you choose to raise, click the “Raise” button and your bet is raised by one coin. Either of these actions then launches the second phase of Poker Pursuit: the deal of the fourth card.

After the fourth card is dealt, you have another opportunity to call or to raise. This initiates the third and final phase of the Poker Pursuit game, in which the fifth card is dealt.

How to Win at Poker Pursuit

At this point — after the fifth and final card has been dealt — if you have a winning poker hand, you will be paid out according to the Payout Table and your winnings will be shown in the “Win” box. The amount of the winning payout is determined by how good your hand is, multiplied by how many coins you bet. A winning hand in Poker Pursuit is a pair of tens or better. The highest payout is for a royal flush, which pays out at a rate of 1,000 to 1. If you bet the maximum of three coins (by raising twice) you will win 3,000 coins for a royal flush.

If you do not have a winning hand, the online Poker Pursuit game is over and you may start over. Poker Pursuit winning combinations are based on the classic winning poker hands.

Poker Pursuit Strategy

The key to a good Poker Pursuit strategy, as with most poker strategies, is to try to win big when you win and to lose small when you lose. In practical terms, it means to Raise when you are likely to win or when the potential payout calls for a calculated risk, and otherwise to Call.

For example, if you have four Clubs in your hand, the best Poker Pursuit strategy is to Raise. It is true that your odds of getting another Club are less than fifty percent, which means you are more likely to lose the bet than to win it, but the 9-to-1 payout for a Flush makes it worth taking the chance. With payout odds like that, winning the bet even one out of every six times — which you are almost certain to do — will put you way ahead over the long run in the online casino.

Of course, you never know what your final hand will be until all the cards have been dealt — that is part of the thrill of online casino gambling. But you can make intelligent educated guesses, based on the odds and the probabilities, and that is what makes for a good Poker Pursuit strategy and good chances of winning at Poker Pursuit online over the long term.

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