Power Spins: Nuclear 9s Online Slots

Power Spins: Nuclear 9s — following in the proud tradition of Power Spins: Sonic 7s and Power Spins: Atomic 8s — is a powerful online slots game with 5 reels, 9 paylines, and the Power Spins feature that creates additional chances to win at slots.

The Power Spins: Nuclear 9s Online Slot Machine

Power Spins: Nuclear 9s has all the traditional online slot machine symbols that online slots players have come to love. There are the cherries and the bells, and the single, double and triple bars. Then there are the nuclear 9s: Purple 9s, Yellow 9s, and Green 9s, all paying big payouts if they appear on a payline, with a top payout of 2,500 times your bet if you get five Green 9s on an enabled payline.

The Nuclear Wild Symbol and the Atomic Scatter Symbol

The “Nuclear” sign is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol in the Power Spins: Nuclear 9s online slot game. So if you get a payline with Green 9-Green 9-Nuclear, it counts just like three Green 9s in a row and you have won yourself a payout. Or, the Nuclear sign can be a winning slots symbol all by itself. Three Nuclear signs will pay out 50 times your payline bet, four will pay 500 times, and five Nuclear signs will pay a slots jackpot of 5000 times your bet.

The Atom is a scatter symbol. Just get two or more Atoms scattered anywhere on the five reels of the slot machine and you’re a winner, even if they aren’t on a payline. That makes it a lot easier to win at slots with Scatter wins.

Power Spins, Rolling Reels, and Doubled Payouts

Power Spins is an optional feature that you can turn on at will. When Power Spins is turned on, it activates the Rolling Reels feature. With Rolling Reels, every time you hit a winning combination, the winning slot machine symbols will dissolve, causing their reels to roll down to fill up the empty spaces with new slot machine symbols. And, of course, this creates the possibility of creating new winning combinations.

And the best part is that all wins created by the Rolling Reels will pay double their normal payouts. Winning 100 times your bet for four Yellow 9s on a payline is great; winning 200 times your bet for four Yellow 9s on a Rolling Reels payline is twice as great!

Turning Power Spins on increases your total bet staked by three times your payline bet. If you have wagered 5 coins on each of the 9 paylines, your total base bet is 45 coins; turning Power Spins on will add another 15 coins to your bet. So yes, there is a price to pay for turning on Power Spins, but one nice Rolling Reels win with doubled payouts can make it well worth your while to take the risk and spring for the added expense of Power Spins.

Play Power Spins: Nuclear 9s Slots Online at All Slots

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