Online Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette is online roulette with extra beauty, extra elegance, and extra sophistication. If you’re ready to take your online roulette play up a notch, it’s time to play Premier Roulette at All Slots Casino.

Choose Your Online Roulette Wheel and Table

When you play roulette online with Premier Roulette, you have the freedom to choose which roulette wheel and which roulette table you want to play at. The roulette wheels come in black and mahogany, and the roulette tables come with green felt, blue felt, and red felt. That makes six different wheel-and-table combinations you can pick from.

Will the wheel-and-table layout you choose make any difference in your ability to win at roulette? In a mathematical sense, probably not. But in a psychological sense, who knows? Online casino gambling is to a large extent psychological, and whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when you play roulette online is can only do you good.

Playing Online Premier Roulette

The Premier Roulette wheels — both the black wheel and the mahogany wheel — have a single zero pocket. This is the wheel design that gives you the best odds of winning at roulette, which is why the first rule of every roulette strategy guide is to play with a single-zero wheel. So with online Premier Roulette, you are starting off right.

All of the standard roulette bets are available in Premier Roulette, including the inside bets and the outside bets as well as the Call Bets and Neighbour Bets, which are based on the proximity of the roulette numbers on the wheel as opposed to their proximity on the roulette table. And of course you may place multiple bets on a single spin as part of your overall roulette strategy.

More Premier Roulette Special Features

Premier Roulette is loaded with special features to make your online roulette experience more enjoyable. These are a few of them:

The Repeat feature allows you to place the same bets on the next spin with one click. This is especially useful if you make multiple bets of different denominations.

Suppose your lucky number is 11, and you place a bet of 1 credit directly on 11, a bet of 5 credits on the 10-11-12 Street, a bet of 10 credits on the first dozen, and a bet of 50 credits on the Low Numbers 1-18. Well, switching around with different coin sizes to place all those bets is a lot of work. But with Premier Roulette, you only have to do it once. After that, you just click the Repeat button and all your bets will automatically be placed just as you placed them the first time.

Video Zoom
In the Normal view, you can see the entire online roulette wheel and, if you look closely enough, you can see where the little roulette ball has landed. With Video Zoom turned on, you will also, at the end of each spin, get a close-up view of the portion of the wheel with the roulette ball in it to help you see the winning roulette number more clearly.

Win Details
When the Win Details option is turned on, a little window will pop up after each winning spin to tell you all of the pertinent details of your winning bets.

This is most useful if you make multiple bets. Without Win Details, the software will just tell you your total payout for the spin. But Win Details breaks it down and tells you how much you won on your Straight Up Bet, how much on your Street Bet, how much on your Dozen Bet, and how much on your Low Numbers Bet, with full details on how much you wagered on each bet, the payout odds for each, and the payout amount for each.

Game Speed
You may select Normal or Turbo game speed. Normal allows the suspense to build as the roulette wheel spins and you wait to see where the roulette ball will finally settle down. Turbo speeds things up and allows you to play more online roulette games per hour.

When you click on the Statistics button, you will get a statistical outline of your Premier Roulette playing session, including the number of spins, the amount of time you have been playing, and a detailed breakdown of all your winning wagers. This feature is useful for keeping track of how you’re doing and perhaps even to refine your roulette betting strategy.

Online Roulette at its Most Elegant

With its choice of roulette wheels and roulette tables, and its host of special features to enhance your roulette experience, Premier Roulette is really online roulette at its most elegant. Play Premier Roulette at All Slots Online Casino and see just how much fun this most elegant of online casino games can really be.

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