Pub Fruity Online Fruit Machine

How would you like to down a few pints in a real old-fashioned neighborhood pub? The kind of pub where you can also play some darts, flirt with the barmaid, and even win some real money? Well, you can do it without even leaving the comfort of your house. Just step into the Pub Fruity online fruit machine.

A Special Kind of Online Slot Machine

A fruit machine, also known as an AWP (amusement with prizes) machine, is the UK version of a slot machine. And an online fruit machine, such as Pub Fruity, has special bonus features that you won’t find on any ordinary online slot machine.

Pub Fruity appears exactly as you would expect your neighborhood pub to appear, with three beer taps on the bar and a buxom barmaid behind it, who will even wink at you if she thinks you’re cute. And, in keeping with the old-fashioned theme of the pub, the Pub Fruity online fruit machine has those old-fashioned classic slot machine symbols: cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, watermelons, bells, and bars, plus the Pub Fruity Logo symbol. Three Pub Fruity Logos will win you 250 times the amount of your bet.

Two Pub Fruity Bonus Games

Pub Fruity has two bonus games that can award you big real money jackpots. The Drinks Trail game takes you on a pub crawl with prizes all along the way, including a top prize of 500 times your bet. In the Dart Contest bonus game, you have to predict the winner of the dart contest. A correct pick will win you 1,000 times the amount of your bet.

Relax and Have Fun with the Pub Fruity Fruit Machine

Pub Fruity is a wonderful place to drop into and relax after a hard day’s work. You will love the old-fashioned charm, the friendly atmosphere, and the warm welcome that newcomers receive there. It is also a wonderful place to play slots online, with its realistic themes and graphics, its two bonus games, and the opportunities to win real money slots jackpots. So drop your everyday cares and woes for a while, and have a good time in Pub Fruity!

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