Online Red Dog

Online Red Dog is a fun and fast-moving online casino game that challenges you to fit a third card into the gap between your first two cards. If you can do that, and if you can manage your betting strategy wisely, you can be a Red Dog winner.

The Object of Online Red Dog

You start your game of Red Dog with two initial cards. Subsequently, you will receive a third card. The object of the game of Red Dog is to have that third card fall into the “Spread” between the two initial cards and make you an online Red Dog winner. How much you win at Red Dog depends on the amount of your bet, on whether you chose to Call or Raise, and on the size of the Spread.

How to Play Red Dog Online

The online Red Dog table has spaces outlined for three cards. To play Red Dog online, you first select your bet size with the Plus and Minus buttons. Then click the Deal button and you will be dealt two cards that are placed in the left and right spaces, leaving the middle space empty for the time being.

After you see your two initial cards, you must choose to Call or Raise. Call will leave your bet as it is, while Raise will add an additional bet equal to your original bet. The exception is that there is no Raise option available if the two initial cards are Consecutive, such as 7-8, or a Pair, such as 7-7.

After you Call or Raise, a third card will be dealt to the middle space that had previously been left empty. If that third card falls within the Spread of the first two cards, you win the Red Dog game.

Winning at Red Dog

To understand the winning payouts in Red Dog, it is first necessary to understand what is meant by the Spread. The Spread is simply the number of cards that could possibly come in between the two initial cards. Bear in mind that suits are irrelevant in Red Dog, and Aces are always high.

Thus, if the first two cards are 4 and 6, the Spread is one: only a 5 can come in between the 4 and 6. If the first two cards are 4 and 9, the spread is four: 5, 6, 7, or 8. And if the two initial cards are a Deuce and an Ace, the spread is eleven.

The payout for a winning Red Dog hand depends on the size of the Spread. A Spread of one pays 5-to-1 on your bet, a Spread of two pays 4-to-1, and a Spread of three pays 2-to-1. All Spreads of four or more pay even money.

Remember that the payout is on your total bet on the virtual Red Dog table: your original bet plus your additional bet if you chose to Raise.

Consecutives, Pairs, and 3 of a Kind in Red Dog

If your two initial cards are Consecutive, the Red Dog game is considered a Tie and your bet will be returned to you without winning or losing anything. The third card will be dealt and revealed, but this is really only for show, since there is no Spread, and hence no possibility of winning, between, for example, a 4 and a 5.

If your two initial cards are a Pair, the third card will again be dealt, but this is most definitely not for show. If the third card matches your pair, you now have three-of-a-kind and will be rewarded with a Red Dog jackpot of 11-to-1 on your bet. If the third card does not match, the game is a Tie and your bet is returned. So, as you can see, a Pair in online Red Dog gives you much to possibly win and nothing to lose.

Enjoy Playing Red Dog Online

Red Dog is not as well known as some of the other card games in the online casino, such as blackjack and poker, but it is fast moving and fun to play. It is primarily a game of chance, but there is also an element of Red Dog strategy involved in deciding whether to Call or Raise. So come play Red Dog online at All Slots Casino, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how much fun a good game of Red Dog can be.

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