Riviera Riches Online Slots

Riviera Riches combines two fantastic casino games — the slot machines and the roulette game — while bringing the opulence of the famous Casino Riviera to your computer screen. There has never been an online casino game like Riviera Riches.

The Riviera Riches Online Slot Machine

Riviera Riches is a 5-reel 15-payline online slot machine employing images that perfectly capture the sophisticated gentlemen, the elegant ladies, and the luxurious surroundings that embody the Casino Riviera.

The Riviera Riches Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning payline. It is also a high-paying slot machine symbol by itself. Five Riviera Riches Logos on an enabled payline will reward you with a jackpot of 1,500 times your bet.

The scatter symbol in Riviera Riches online slots is a pile of chips and currency. Two or more scatter symbols scattered anywhere on the 5 reels of the slot machine will give you a payout, even if they are not on a payline, and three or more scatter symbols will award you 12 free spins with all payouts tripled.

The Roulette Bonus Game in Riviera Riches

The best part of the Riviera Riches online slot game is when you get the Roulette Bonus symbol appearing anywhere on Reels 1 and 5. That means it’s time to step momentarily away from the slot machines and enter the casino roulette room to play the Roulette Bonus Game.

In the Roulette Bonus Game, you get two spins of the online roulette wheel. For each spin, you place a bet on one number on the green felt roulette table, and additional bets corresponding to your selected number will be automatically placed. So for example, if you bet on 22, corresponding bets will be placed on Second Dozen, First Column, 19-36, Black, and Even.

And, as if that didn’t give you enough chances to win, you’re guaranteed a payout of at least 4 times your total bet just for playing the Roulette Bonus Game. So you can be sure of winning a nice jackpot every time you play the Roulette Bonus Game in Riviera Riches.

Enjoy Playing Riviera Riches Slots Online

The elegance of the Casino Riviera combined with the excitement of the casino slots game and the thrill of the spinning roulette wheel with guaranteed winnings adds up to Riviera Riches, the online casino game with the best of everything. Enjoy playing slots online, enjoy playing the Roulette Bonus Game, and enjoy your time at the Casino Riviera with Riviera Riches.

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