Robo Jack Online Slots

Robo Jack is a much beloved video game, and now it is a wonderful slots game at All Slots Casino. The online slots game has all the fun of the video game, plus 243 ways to win real cash jackpots.

The Robo Jack Online Slot Machine

The brilliantly futuristic symbols that appear in the Robo Jack online slot game include, of course, Robo Jack, along with the Treasure Chest, the Power Brick, the Green Atom, and more.

The Robo Jack Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols and it can also create high-paying winning slots jackpots by itself.

The Robo Jack Scatter symbol awards payouts whenever two or more appear scattered anywhere on the reels of the online slot machine, and if three or more appear they also trigger the Robo Jack Free Spins Bonus Game.

The Robo Jack Free Spins Bonus Game

The Robo Jack Free Spins Bonus Game starts with a line-up of five robots. Each robot has its own special power to award you a different type of Free Spins experience:

  • Robot Number 1 awards up to 60 free spins with Extra Wilds.
  • Robot Number 2 awards up to 40 free spins with Scatter Prizes.
  • Robot Number 3 awards up to 40 free spins with Wild Reel.
  • Robot Number 4 awards up to 65 free spins with Two-Scatter Retrigger.
  • Robot Number 5 awards up to 50 free spins with 3X Multiplier.

At the start of the Robo Jack Free Spins Bonus Game, one random robot will step forward and award you his particular free spins package. If you don’t like that robot, you have one chance to try again and a different random robot will take his place. But remember: no matter which robot steps forward to serve you, you are in for a great Free Spins experience that is sure to result in some real jackpots.

Play Robo Jack Slots at All Slots

Come play slots online with Robo Jack and the other robots at All Slots Online Casino. Their intelligence is artificial, but the fun you will have and the jackpots you can win are absolutely real.

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