A Little Online Slots Music

Many people love the sound effects on the online slot machine games. They consider the sound effects to as much a part of the online slot game as the spinning reels and the winning slots jackpots. Other people prefer to turn the sound off and play online slots in silence. There is also a third group: online slots players who like to turn off the sound effects, put on the headphones, and listen to their own music while they play the slots. For this group, we offer the All Slots Online Casino playlist of best songs to play online slots to.

Tower of Power: Drop It in the Slot

The only problem with “Drop It in the Slot” is that it’s hard to stay seated in your chair and play slots — when Tower of Power is in their groove, you just have to get up and dance. Try to restrain yourself and listen to Tower of Power at the peak of their powers, with their renowned horn section driving this funk classic.

Catch the groove.
Don’t move and reprove.
Drop it in the slot.

Listen to Tower of Power perform Drop It in the Slot.

Steve Hackett: Slot Machine

Steve Hackett started out with the progressive rock supergroup Genesis, and then went on to a successful solo career of his own. “Slot Machine” highlights Hackett’s electrifying electric guitar work, as well as the thrill of his favorite casino gambling game:

Gotta reach Atlantic City,
I’m a winner every day.
Blackjack holds no attraction,
Just one game I play.
Get a grip on the handle of steel,
Pull slowly, watch the wheels
When you play with a slot machine.

Listen to Steve Hackett perform Slot Machine.

The Grateful Dead: Tennessee Jed

There has never been a rock-and-roll band like the Grateful Dead, and there has never been a slots player like Tennessee Jed. While some people play the slot machine for entertainment, and others play to try and win jackpots, only Jed plays the slot machine for life counseling:

I woke up a-feelin’ mean.
I went down to play the slot machine.
The wheels turned around and the letters read,
“You better head back to Tennessee, Jed.”

Listen to the Grateful Dead perform Tennessee Jed.

Joni Mitchell: The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

With lyrics by Joni Mitchell and music by the late jazz great Charles Mingus, and sung by Joni with an all-star jazz band led by Jaco Pastorius on bass, this masterpiece tells the woeful tale of a lady who can’t catch a break at the slots while the guy at the next machine — the dry cleaner from Des Moines — keeps hitting jackpot after jackpot.

He got three oranges,
Three lemons, three cherries, three plums.
I’m losing my taste for fruit
Watching the dry cleaner do it
Like Midas in a polyester suit.
It’s all luck! It’s just luck!
You get a little lucky and you make a little money!

Listen to Joni Mitchell perform The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines.

Slot Machine: Paan (Yesterday)

Slot Machine is the name of a band from Thailand that has taken the world by storm. You might not understand the lyrics (they’re in Thai), but you will surely enjoy the hard-rockin’ sound of their hit song “Paan (Yesterday).”

Listen to Slot Machine perform Paan (Yesterday).

A New Dimension to Playing Slots Online

Listening to music while you play slots online can add a whole new dimension to your online slots play. It makes playing slots online a true multi-sensory experience: audio, visual, and tactile. Play the songs recommended on this page, or listen to your own favorite music. Either way, you just might find that it enhances further the already great experience of playing online slot machines.

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