Wild Symbols in Online Slots

Imagine that you are playing slots online and you get a payline with lemon-pineapple-lemon-lemon-lemon. It looks like a loser, right? Right, unless the pineapple is a wild symbol, in which case you have a 5-lemon payline and a big slots winner. That is the beauty of playing online slots with wild symbols: they turn slots losers into slots winners, and small winners into big winners, and that means real money payouts for you.

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

Wild symbols work by transforming themselves, as if by magic, into whatever symbol you need to create a winning slots payline. In Mega Moolah, for example, the lion is a wild symbol. So if you have a payline with giraffe-lion-giraffe, the lion actually counts as a giraffe, giving you three giraffes and a payout.

Or if you have a payline with giraffe-giraffe-giraffe-lion, the lion transforms a 3-giraffe payline — a nice win — into a 4-giraffe payline — a spectacular win. That is how online slots wild symbols transform losers into winners and transform small winners into big winners.

What Do Wild Symbols Look Like?

A wild symbol can take many forms. In Mega Moolah slots, the wild symbol is a lion. In Lion’s Share online slots, it is also a lion; in Zany Zebra it is a zebra; in Crazy Crocodile it is a crocodile. The wild symbol in Thunderstruck is Thor, the Norse god of thunder; in Mermaid’s Millions it is Neptune, the Roman god of the sea; in Isis, it is Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility. The Glitterball is wild in Ladies’ Nite, the bells in Jingle Bells, and the Blue Star in Double Magic.

All Slots Casino has hundreds of online slot games, and that means hundreds of different wild symbols, each one fitting in perfectly with the theme of the particular game.

Wild Symbols for Every Type of Slot Machine

Wild Symbols can be found in every type of online slot machine. 3-reel slots like Couch Potato have wild symbols; 5-reel slots like Tomb Raider have wild symbols; progressive slots like Major Millions have them; MegaSpin slots like High 5 have them; even Multi-Player slots like No Worries have them. All Slots has every type of online slot machine and every type of slot machine wild symbol.

Wild Symbols as Multipliers

It is a wonderful thing when you play slots online and a wild symbol turns a losing spin into a winner. But even more wonderful is when the wild symbol also acts as a multiplier and multiplies your winning payout to create a big slots jackpot.

In Thunderstruck, for example, Thor is a wild symbol and a 2X multiplier. So where a payline with four Hammers ordinarily pays out 100 times your bet, a payline with Hammer-Thor-Hammer-Hammer will pay 200 times your bet.

The online slot games at All Slots have wild multipliers of 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X. The wild symbol in Sterling Silver will reveal a random multiplier value of anything from 2X to 10X. In Couch Potato slots, one wild symbol on the payline will multiply your payout by 5X while two wild symbols on the payline will multiply the payout by 25X.

Winning at slots is always a good thing, but winning at slots with a wild symbol that multiplies your payout is even better.

Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds, and Trailing Wilds

Some online slot games, such as Pure Platinum, have stacked wilds. This means that the wild symbols travel around on the reels in “stacks” of three. When the reels stop, you might see only one end of the wild stack appearing at the top or bottom of your screen, you might see two wild symbols together, or you might see the entire stack of three wild symbols occupying an entire reel. And when an online slot game has stacked wilds that are also multipliers, as in Eagle’s Wings, you could be in for some big slots jackpots.

Expanding wilds are similar in concept. With expanding wilds, an individual wild symbol that appears on a reel will expand to cover all the positions on that reel that will result in a winning payout. You can find expanding wilds in online slots games like Hitman.

Then there are trailing wilds. A trailing wild actually creates a clone of itself after the spin; the original wild symbol then remains in its original position, while the clone slides down one position on the reel. The process can repeat after the next spin, until the last position on the reel has been occupied by a wild symbol.

Play Online Slots with Wild Symbols

Wild symbols, in all their varied forms and configurations, are a wonderful thing in online casino gambling. They turn losers into winners, they turn small winners into big winners, and they add an extra element of excitement into your standard online slots play. You can enjoy hundreds of online slot games with wild symbols at All Slots Online Casino.

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