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Some secrets about Gordon Ramsey

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This guy doesn’t need any introduction! He’s world famous, and not only for his cooking. He has more Michelin stars than he has children (he has 3 daughters and one son), has more celebrity friends than me, swears at least once in every full sentence that comes out of his mouth (which is rare cause mostly it’s just the swearing that you’ll hear), …

But let’s start with his core business, being food. We all loooooooove food and here is one of his creations just to get us in the food mood and to acknowledge the fact that this man can seriously cook!

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1. Here is his first secret: he doesn’t watch his own TV shows.

Why? Well, he doesn’t want to get self-obsessed or regret something he said. He prefers to watch Deadliest Catch or go out for a nice dinner. How original.

2. His favorite dish in a restaurant

When he’s in the restaurant and for once he’s not behind the stove, he will most certainly order beef Wellington if it’s on the menu. Doesn’t matter if he’s in Milan, Tokyo or New York. To be honest, I can’t blame him, who doesn’t like this amazing dish?

beef wellingtonCredit:

3. He refuses to eat frozen dinners

Unlike most of us he has endless food inspiration, while we end up in the supermarket not knowing what to cook and ending up buying that frozen lasagna just because it is quick and easy. Not Gordon!! He’s make a three course meal out of a banana and a carrot. He says that all the frozen meals taste the same, and in a way he’s right. If only we had his cooking skills.

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4. His last meal would be sea bass

If he would have to choose his last meal he would go for “sea bass with a light sorrel sauce”……fancy! According to mister Ramsey himself, the sea bass is the king of fish. I don’t know if the kingfish will be happy to hear that though!

Gordon Ramsey and David BeckhamCredit:

5. He’s best buddies with David Beckham

No surprise when I tell you he has a lot of celebrity friends, though his all-time buddy is David Beckham. Their kids play together and often they’ll fly off to a fancy holiday retreat with both their families. But probably it’s just because they both have the same funny English accent and they are the only ones understanding each other.

What do you think about Gordon Ramsey? Do you love him, or rather hate him? We would love to know!