Spike’s Nite Out Online Slots

In the Alley Cats online slots game, the poor dog got tied up while the cats enjoyed their night of bowling. Well, now it’s time for the dogs’ revenge. In Spike’s Nite Out online slots, it’s the cat who’s tied up while the dogs enjoy their weekly poker night out. And the real winner is you, the online slots player, who get to enjoy a fun online slot machine with big real-money jackpots.

The Dogs Play Poker as You Play Slots Online

Spike’s Nite Out features all the classic images of a canine poker game. We have the dogs with their cards, dogs with poker chips, dogs with their cigars and their beer. We have the “All In” doggie dish and the “Poker Champ” dog collar medallion. Alas, there is also the poor cat, tied up and muzzled so he won’t interfere with the fun.

The top dog, of course, is Spike. He’s the brown and white bulldog with the green eyeshade and the spiked collar and he’s the host of the poker party. Five Spike symbols on an enabled payline wins you 5,000 times your bet.

Online Slots with Special Features

You might think that a doggy poker game would be entertainment enough for anybody, but the Spike’s Nite Out online slot game adds even more entertaining features.

The Doggy Time sign is the scatter symbol. Two or more Doggy Time signs appearing anywhere on the 5-reel online slot machine will win you a jackpot, even if they are not on an enabled payline. And if you get three or more Doggy Time signs on adjacent reels you get to play the Spike’s Nite Out bonus game, in which you can win even more big cash prizes.

The Spike’s Nite Out logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination. This wild symbol is so wild it can even substitute for the scatter symbol. You don’t see a wild symbol like that in too many online slot games.

Play Spike’s Nite Out Slots Online at All Slots

Spike’s Nite Out is a wonderfully entertaining casino slots game, with the six poker-playing dogs and the poor tied-up cat all rendered in brilliant colorful graphics, the jaunty Spike’s Nite Out theme music in the background, the scatter symbol, bonus game, and wild symbol, and lots of real money jackpots. So play slots online with Spike’s Nite Out at AllSlots Casino, and before you know it you’ll be wagging your tail with sheer pleasure.

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