Starscape Online Slots

If you are the type of person who is intrigued by the mysteries of outer space, you ought to check out the Starscape online slot game. This beautiful online slot machine combines stunning images of the celestial bodies with big real-money online slots jackpots.

The Beauty of the Starscape Online Slot Machine

The Starscape online slot machine features beautifully artistic images of the most well-known heavenly bodies: the Sun, the Moon, Saturn with its rings, the red planet Mars, and a fiery Comet. There is also a Spacecraft, on which you may travel to all of these outer space destinations. The brilliant Starscape logo, as well as the familiar playing cards, completes the Starscape online casino slots symbols.

Ride the Spacecraft to Online Slots Jackpots

The Starscape Spacecraft can do amazing things. First of all, two or more Spacecraft symbols appearing anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine will unleash the Spacecraft video. The afterburners of the Spacecraft fire up, and the Spacecraft zooms off at close to the speed of light into the farthest reaches of outer space. It is quite beautiful and stunning to behold.

In addition, the Spacecraft is actually a scatter symbol. That means that two or more Spacecraft slots symbols appearing anywhere on the reels of the online slot machine will create a winning slots payout — even if they are not on an enabled payline. If three, four, or five Spacecraft symbols appear, you’ll win an even bigger jackpot — up to 100 times the total amount of your online slots bet amount.

Finally, three Spacecraft symbols trigger the Match bonus game. In the Match bonus game, the galaxy is divided up into 25 blocks, with a symbol hidden behind each block. Every time you select a block, it reveals its hidden symbol. You keep picking until you have four of the same symbol, and then you win the jackpot associated with that symbol. You can win up to 150 times the amount of your total slot machine bet in the Match bonus game.

An Out-of-this-World Online Slots Wild Symbol

The Starscape logo is a wild symbol in Starscape online slots. It can substitute for any symbol to create a winning combination. And not only that, it doubles the amount of your win.

For example, five Sun symbols normally pays out 1,000 coins for every coin you bet on the enabled payline. But if you get four Sun symbols and a Starscape symbol on an enabled payline, the Starscape acts as a wild symbol, to create a five-Sun winning payline, and it also acts as a multiplier, so you win 2,000 coins instead of the usual 1,000. You might call that an out-of-this-world online slot machine jackpot.

Play Starscape Online Slots for Fun and Real Money

The Starscape online slots game is beautiful to look at, fun to play, and pays out some pretty big jackpots. It can’t be beaten as far as casino slots in this galaxy go. There is really nothing else in this galaxy or any other that you could ask for when you play slots online. So go ahead and have a blast playing Starscape online slots!

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