Summertime Online Slots

Summertime, and the living is easy: relaxing walks on the beach, gorgeous summertime sunsets, luscious summer fruits, and the Summertime online slots game at All Slots. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the Summertime scatter symbols, free spins, and wild multipliers can bring you big online slots jackpots while you bask in that warm Summertime ambiance.

Online Slots Scatter Wins and Free Spins

The Scatter Beach symbol is a scatter symbol in the Summertime online slot game. If two Scatter Beach symbols appear anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine, even if they’re not on a payline, you win 2 times the total amount of your bet. If three or four Scatter Beach symbols appear, you win even more, and if five Scatter Beach symbols appear, you’ve really hit the jackpot: 500 times the total amount of your bet.

And it gets even better than that. Three or more Scatter Beach symbols scattered anywhere on the online slot machine will also trigger the Free Spins bonus game. That means 15 free spins, with all prizes tripled. And if one of your free spins results in three or more Scatter Beach symbols, that’s 15 more free spins. Obviously, 15 free spins with tripled prizes can add up to some pretty serious real money winnings.

The Summertime Online Slots Wild Symbol and Multiplier

The Summertime Sunset symbol is a gorgeous image of the summer sun going down over the sea, and this gorgeous image is also a wild symbol in the Summertime casino slots game. So if you get a Watermelon-Sunset-Watermelon-Watermelon on a payline, you’re a winner. The Summertime Sunset symbol substitutes for a watermelon, and you now have a 4-watermelon payline.

Now, the Summertime online slots payout table says that 4 watermelon symbols pays out 50 times your bet. But guess what? The Summertime Sunset symbol is not only a wild symbol, it is also a 2X multiplier. So your Watermelon-Sunset-Watermelon-Watermelon winning slots payline will pay double the normal payout, or 100 coins for every coin you bet on that payline. That’s a pretty hefty way to win at slots.

And don’t forget: besides being a wild symbol and a multiplier, the Summertime Sunset is also a winning slot machine symbol itself. Two Sunset symbols on a payline will pay out 10 times your bet; three Sunset symbols will pay a lot more; and four Sunset symbols will pay a lot more than that. And five Summertime Sunset symbols on a payline will pay out an online slots jackpot of 10,000 coins for every 1 coin you bet on the payline.

A Lot of Fruits on the Online Fruit Machine

Early on in slot machine history, the slot machines were known as fruit machines. In fact, in the UK, online slot machines are still known as online fruit machines. And as everyone knows, one of the chief joys of summertime is the luscious summer fruits that are available. So the Summertime online slot game combines a little bit of slots history and the prevailing summertime theme to bring you the luscious fruit of summer: watermelons, oranges, strawberries, cherries, plums, and lemons. They’re all there as Summertime online slot machine symbols, they can all create winning slot machine paylines, and they’re all mouth-watering and delicious.

Play Summertime Slots Online

Any time of the year is the right time to join All Slots Casino and play the Summertime online slot game. You’ll enjoy the images of the tranquil beach and the gorgeous sunset and the delectable summer fruits. You’ll enjoy the scatter wins and free spins and wild multiplier and big payouts. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’ll enjoy playing slots online with Summertime slots at All Slots.

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