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Are Instagram Influencers Really Just Peddling Advertisements?

The influencers

Author: The Influencers Almost from the very beginning, social media has been involved in rewriting the rules of online advertising. Brands developed blogs, responded to comments, developed communities and soon realised that social media activity could often develop a momentum of its own. The first brand ambassadors and influencers were essentially savvy online users who realised that building their own networks of thousands of fans and followers would sooner or later attract the attention of [Read more ...]

Laurel or Yanny – What’s In a Name?

What do you hear?

Source: YouTube Folks with way too much time on their hands the world over are tearing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds up in a raging debate about a name. The name in question depends what you hear in the viral video clip accompanying the countless posts and commentaries – is it Laurel or Yanny? The worldwide web has not seen such a storm in a teacup since 2015’s infamous dress. You know the one. Was it blue and black, or was it gold? Was it even important? Clearly not, because now [Read more ...]