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Video Games Tipped to Top the Best 2018 Gaming List!

Top 3 Video Games for 2018

An intoxicating collection of sequels, prequels and brand new video game titles are planned for release in 2018. Players can anticipate exotic and beautiful open worlds, exciting new characters and sophisticated gameplay powered by advanced game engines. If the rumours are true and the trailers faithful to the overall look and feel of the action, gamers have something really special to look forward to as the new year looms into view. Here are three console games set to sizzle and splash [Read more ...]

Pro Gaming: A Super-Cool Money Making Lifestyle for All

Pro Gaming: A Super-Cool Money Making Lifestyle for All Age Groups

Gaming has evolved from awesome interactive entertainment into a viable way of making money.  Tournaments, events, sponsorships and live streaming have created a new breed of gamer; the super talented and always dedicated ‘pro’ gaming guru. Age is of no consequence in a vibrant and growing community of global gaming aces.  Pro gamers of all ages are banking real money playing the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mass Effect Andromeda and Horizon Zero [Read more ...]