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Apple Introduces Time Limits to Reduce Screen Time

Apple curbing kids addiction to screen time

Source: Pixabay Tech giant Apple has promised to increase its measures in dealing with smartphone addiction in children. This follows an open letter expressing the concerns of the California State Teachers Retirement System and Jana Partners LLC; shareholders with a US$2 billion-stake in the company. The letter quoted data, as well as field experts, that points to a very real issue among children and teenagers. It also asserted that technology developers have a responsibility to protect young [Read more ...]

How Ringtones Grab Your Attention

Smartphone ringtones effect on us

Source: Pixabay You probably have a ringtone picked out for your phone. Something unique, recognisable, and triggering an instinctive reaching response from your hand. In most cases these days, it’s rare that two phones have the same ringtone. At least not two in the same place, at the same time. But it was not so long ago that many phones sounded almost identical. Back when having the freedom to choose your own ringtone was not commonplace, and most simply stuck with the default. These were [Read more ...]