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Top Travel Trivia

Top Travel Trivia

Source: Pixabay We live in an amazing world with something interesting and exciting around every corner. This doesn’t become more apparent than when you travel and see the wonders that the human race can bring into being around the world. Let’s look at some fascinating travel trivia that just may expand your mind as much as an exotic trip to parts unknown. Forget About Being Sucked From a Plane Next time you are on a stuffy plane, you may be tempted to try and crack a window somewhere. We [Read more ...]

Saudi Bans Pop Concert Dancing

Dancing at Saudi pop concert banned

Source: pixabay A recent decree by Saudi Arabian lawmakers has once again drawn ridicule and ire from the local and global stages. This time, the conservative theocratic kingdom banned dancing. At a pop concert. The ban on dancing – or even swaying to the music – is just one of several bizarre rules that targeted fans of Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny who attended his concert in Jeddah on 30 March. It appears that dancing evokes the anger and mistrust of religious ultra-conservatives, and a [Read more ...]

Some of the most haunted cities in the world

Woman with an axe

Credit: Halloween month is upon us and if you are traveling or planning to, visit some of the haunted cities on the list to make your trip more memorable. Some people believe in the supernatural world, some don’t. Be warned, if you are not a believer, this list might change your mind. London, England Credit: London has the reputation of being one of the most haunted capitals in the world and has numerous ghost stories to give you the chills for a while. [Read more ...]

The 3 best hotels in Vienna


Vienna, the Austrian capital is situated at the Danube River and is known for its famous residents like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, but also for the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and it’s love for the glamorous and elegant evenings. To host all the visitors who flock in from around the world, the city boasts a lot of hotels, of which a large portion is real luxury gems. But which one is the best? Let me guide you through it and find out what your favorite will be next time [Read more ...]

The best honeymoon destinations

Best honeymoon destinations

Image Source: It’s that one special vacation everybody dreams about. For some it should be a luxury retreat on a tropical island, for others, it might be a great road trip across a beautiful country. It might cost you an arm and a leg or be extremely affordable. Either way, it’s important to know what you want and to conduct some research before the big trip. 5 Honeymoon destinations you didn’t think about   Sapa, Vietnam Vietnam has been attracting a lot [Read more ...]