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How Real Are Reality TV Shows?

How True is Reality TV?

Source: YouTube | Gideons Way Love them or hate them, reality TV shows get viewers talking. Sit in a coffee shop, hang around the office water cooler, or browse Facebook for long enough, and you are sure to here plenty of talk about who did what to whom on the latest, greatest reality show. Reality TV shows however often require viewers to suspend belief just a little too much. This begs the question, are reality shows really all that real? Some Shows Have Credibility The fact of the matter [Read more ...]

How to Turn Your Android Device into a TV Remote

How to Turn Your Android Device into a TV Remote

There are now a whole host of apps that you can download directly to your smartphone or Android device that will give you the ability to control your TV, home theatre systems and streaming boxes. Android smartphones with IR blasters possess the ability to communicate with any device that receives commands via infrared light beams. For many, the most practical application of using this function is to control your Smart TV. There are many Android universal remote apps available for download on [Read more ...]

Top Reality TV Shows Based on Upvotes and Stats

Old school TV box

New generation TV viewers are bombarded with an infinite selection of wicked, wonderful and watchable content. Daytime dramas share the small screen with heart-pumping thrillers, Oscar award-winning movies and the latest releases from the creative Neverland that is Netflix. You can hit the bright red button on the remote and tap into soaps, Nat Geo series and an increasingly ribald collection of sex-fueled reality shows featuring the Kardashians and bewigged, bewildered and bespectacled [Read more ...]