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Where Is Casino Tech Headed In The 2020s?

Casino games could become more like video gamesSource: Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

For most of us, the 2010s don’t seem that long ago, but a lot has changed since then in the technology world. For the iGaming industry, which encompasses the online gambling and casino industries, the past decade has also been a period of extremely significant changes. As we start a new decade, there are lots of cool developments to look forward to. Read on to see how tech has changed, and where it might be headed next.

Throwback to the Twenty-Teens

It might not seem like too much is different than just ten years ago. But Facebook was still super new, the iPhone 4 was the hottest new phone, and the first iPads were just hitting the shelves. LTE mobile data was released in 2010, and the types of TVs we’re watching now were almost unimaginable.

In the casino world, gamers didn’t have nearly as many options for playing online from their favorite devices. Esports were virtually unheard of, and they certainly weren’t popular like they are these days.

But technology has changed everything, and online casinos have been quick to adopt new tech to make user experiences even better. Games have gotten faster, more attractive, and more interactive. It’s possible to feel like you have a live casino in your living room and playing online is more secure and more fun than ever. Here are the top four things that could revolutionize the iGaming industry in the new decade.

Unfolding Gaming Worlds

As technology advances in the modern era, a lot of things are getting more gamified, using the coolest new animation and graphics to make playing more exciting and realistic. So it’s no surprise that casino games are starting to benefit from some of the new trends in the video gaming world.

Some game developers are taking hints from of the video game playbook and creating casino games that happen in constantly updated fantasy worlds. The same storylines and never-ending excitement that make us love video games like Call of Duty could soon transform casino games. Playtech, a casino gaming company, has started developing a game called Kingdoms Rise, that takes place in its own fantasy universe, reminiscent of World of Warcraft. The game has its own “economy”, so you can use the coins you earn to play other games within the Kingdoms Rise universe.

This is an exciting development for people who love video gaming and casino games like slots, because they can combine the two for an even more engaging experience. Be on the lookout for cool new releases that take advantage of this kind of technology as casino game developers incorporate more narrative and animation.

Bigger Jackpots

One of the most impactful things about the internet is how it’s brought us all closer together. That allows more working together—which in the casino world could mean bigger potential jackpots for online players. Casinos are always looking for ways to offer their players better prizes, especially if they can win without staking large bets.

Online casinos around the world have banded together to find a solution and make playing more exciting for gamblers internationally. Rather than every casino working alone, casinos are linking games, which means that a tiny amount of every wager placed in that game will go into a jackpot pool. All of these pennies can build up into a huge jackpot in a relatively short amount of time.

It’s thanks to the growing popularity of pooling like this that so many low-stakes bets have returned multi-million euro jackpots in recent years. Players love having the chance at bigger jackpots—especially without making huge wagers—so this is a win for everyone.

A virtual reality headsetSource: Hammer & Tusk on Unsplash

Virtual Reality

Another technology that’s making waves in the gaming world is virtual reality. We’ve started seeing virtual reality, and its cousin augmented reality, in more and more applications lately. We all love being able to see different worlds and having a realistic view, so the possibilities for VR and AR in gaming are really exciting.

Virtual reality creates a simulation that the player can immerse themselves in, usually using a VR headset that shows the player their chosen world. Augmented reality uses similar technology, but without the headset, and lets players combine their actual environment with elements from the virtual world. So, VR could let you play poker in a Vegas casino, while AR could turn your kitchen table into a roulette table.

Game developers are still coming up with ways to incorporate the technology in the most fun way possible. It could be as “simple” as creating virtual casinos, or have more complex fantasy elements that make gaming more like living inside your favorite video game. Augmented reality could let you turn your home into a gaming paradise by bringing the casino to you.

Similarly, AI is taking off in gaming as well. Imagine a blackjack dealer you can have a conversation with while you play, or being able to interact with other players at the poker table for a more realistic experience. Combined with VR and AR, this could make for really immersive gaming possibilities.


Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more common as a secure form of payment across the internet. While some casinos don’t accept it yet, it’s starting to gain traction for privacy and security reasons. Gamblers don’t have to provide their banking details as often and can instead trust crypto for funding online accounts and collecting their winnings.

There are lots of different kinds of cryptocurrency. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular. But as it becomes more common, other companies are getting in on producing their own technology, including Facebook, which has been experimenting with cryptocurrency called Libra and other forms of digital payments.

While there are still some kinks to work out around regulations in some parts of the world, gamers are starting to demand cryptocurrency as an accepted payment, so it’s likely to become more standard in the future. As it becomes more widely accepted around the internet, and transactions keep getting faster and more secure, it could take over the way we spend money online.

Betting on the Future

These are just a few of the ways that we could see technology change over the next decade. Besides innovations in the technology itself, game creators are always hard at work coming up with fun new games for different ways to win. We can expect those games to have better graphics and more flexibility for playing on different devices, and to be more convenient to play.

No matter what changes, the fun of playing slots and classic table games like poker and roulette never goes out of style…and you’re lucky to have a front row seat to the biggest new innovations in iGaming right here at All Slots!