Terminator 2 Online Slots

It was the blockbuster movie of the 1990s and now it is a blockbuster online slot machine game at All Slots Casino. Terminator 2 online slots has action and adventure, great special effects, and 243 ways to win real slots jackpots.

The Movie Characters as Slot Machine Symbols

All of the leading characters in the Terminator 2 movie appear as top symbols in the Terminator 2 online slot machine:

  • John Connor, a 10-year-old boy destined to become the future saviour of humanity from its enslavement to machines.
  • Sarah Connor, John’s mother, determined to protect her son at all costs.
  • T-1000, an advanced prototype Terminator, who has been sent back from the future to kill John in order to prevent the liberation of mankind.
  • T-800, the original Terminator, who has arrived from the future to thwart T-1000’s plans and to protect John and Sarah.

The great thing about the Terminator 2 slot machine is that after every winning spin, the winning character symbols come to life in real video clips from the Terminator 2 movie. It brings all the excitement of Terminator 2 from the movie theatre to the online slots casino.

Another great slot machine symbol is the T2 logo. This is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning ways.

And then there is the Orb — the Terminator’s means of transport across time — which acts as a scatter symbol. Two or more Orbs appearing anywhere, even if they are not on adjacent reels, will give you a payout. And three or more Orb symbols will also award you 10 free spins.

Free Spins with Special Effects

Some amazing things happen during the Free Spins round of the Terminator 2 online slot game. First, the slot machine actually expands in size, from three rows of symbols to four rows, resulting in 1024 Ways to Win instead of the regular 243 Ways.

In addition, the Free Spins round has the T-1000 Transform feature, in which T-1000 transforms himself into any other character symbol to award the highest possible Win. Free Spins with 1024 Ways to Win and T-1000 Transform is indeed an amazing special effect of Terminator 2 slots.

Win with T-800 Vision

T-800 Vision is a special feature that can be randomly triggered on any non-winning spin. When you play slots online and T-800 Vision is in effect, you need only one — not the customary three — scatter symbol to trigger the Free Spins round.

On top of that, T-800 Vision awards a cash payout for every single character symbol that appears on the reels. You can see slots winnings clearly with T-800 Vision.

Play Terminator 2 Slots at All Slots

With all the action and suspense of the original movie, with 243 Ways to Win, with Free Spins featuring expanded ways to win and an extra wild symbol, and with the amazing T-800 Vision feature, Terminator 2 is a fantastic online slot machine. Play Terminator 2 slots at All Slots Casino and feel the excitement. Hasta la vista, baby!

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