Thunderstruck Online Slots

Join forces with Thor, the Norse god of thunder, to do battle with the forces of nature and win big payouts. You can do it with Thunderstruck online slots. At All Slots Online Casino, you can play Thunderstruck as a solo online slot game and you can play tournament Thunderstruck in an online slots tournament.

Incredible Online Slot Machine Sights and Sounds

The Thunderstruck online slots game features Thor, the thunder god of Norse legend, accompanied by his Hammer, his Fist, his Castle, his Rams, his Horn, and bolts of Lightning. In addition, a 9, 10, J, Q, K, and Ace complete the roster of online slot machine symbols.

The amazing Thunderstruck graphics starts with the introductory movie. We have majestic music, swirling clouds, crackling lightning, and claps of thunder, culminating in the appearance of the stern visage of Thor himself, prepared for battle. The graphics on the slot machine symbols themselves are equally amazing, and are accompanied by the sounds of steadily howling winds as you play the slots, punctuated by a monumental crash of thunder when you win.

The Mighty Thor Pays Mighty Slots Jackpots

As the mightiest of the Norse gods, Thor naturally pays the mightiest online slots jackpots. Two Thor symbols on an enabled payline pays out 10 times your bet on that payline, three Thor symbols pays 200 times, four Thors pays 2,000 times, and five Thor symbols on an enabled payline pays a mighty 10,000-to-1 jackpot.

But that’s not the end of the mighty Thor’s powers. Thor also has the power to act as both a wild symbol and a multiplier symbol. Suppose, for example, that an enabled payline on the Thunderstruck online slot machine shows Thor and two of Thor’s Hammers. Thor will use his wild-symbol powers to substitute for a Hammer and thereby make a winning slots payline of three Hammers. Then he will use his multiplier powers to double your winnings, so instead of the normal three-Hammers payout of 25-to-1, you will receive a doubled payout of 50-to-1.

Thor’s Rams Provide Scatter Wins and Free Spins

In Norse mythology, Thor’s rams pulled his flying chariot through the skies. In Thunderstruck online slots, the Rams can pull you to some big money payouts with scatter wins and free spins.

If two or more Rams symbols appear anywhere on the online slot machine, you win at Thunderstruck. It doesn’t even matter if they are on a payline — they are called Scatter Symbols because they can be scattered anywhere on any of the 5-reel slot machine.

If three or more Rams symbols appear, you not only get the Scatter win payout, you also get 15 free spins. And all of your free-spin slots winnings are tripled. Free spins with triple payouts in an online slots game is just like finding free money in the online slot machine. It’s a slots bonanza that can’t be beat.

The Online Slots Gamble Feature in Thunderstruck

If you are playing slots online, it most likely means that you like to gamble. The Thunderstruck Gamble feature allows you to just that. Every time you win in Thunderstruck, you may simply collect your winnings, or you may gamble double-or-nothing by trying to guess the color of a face-down playing card, or quadruple-or-nothing by trying to guess the suit of the card. The Gamble feature adds one more element of interest and excitement to this exciting online slots game.

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