Online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is an online poker game in which you use your two pocket cards plus the five community cards to try to beat the dealer with a winning poker hand. It’s an online poker variation of Texas Hold’em, but with some interesting variations in the rules.

The Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Game

To play Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker (we’ll just call it Triple Pocket from here on), you must place your bet before the first cards are dealt. Unlike Texas Hold’em, there is no further betting during the course of the game.

In Triple Pocket, you get a hand with 2 cards (your “pocket cards”). The dealer gets two hands with 2 pocket cards in each one. There are 5 community cards dealt to the middle of the poker table. You may use any 5 of the 7 cards available to you — your 2 pocket cards plus the 5 community cards — to create the strongest possible 5-card poker hand.

To win at Triple Pocket, your hand must beat both of the dealer’s hands. This sounds unfair at first — it’s like two against one in a fight. But don’t fear. There are other Triple Pocket poker rules that turn the advantage back to you, the player.

Pick Your Poker Pocket Cards

First of all, you have some freedom in selecting your two pocket cards. If you like the first two cards that are dealt, you can keep them; if not, you can pass them on to the dealer to make his first hand, and you get two new cards. Same thing with the second set of pocket cards: keep ’em if you like ’em, pass ’em on if you don’t. It is only on the third set — if you have discarded the first two sets of pocket cards — that you are stuck with the pocket cards you are dealt.

So, in essence, you have three chances to catch a set of two pocket cards that you think can give you a chance to win the poker game.

The dealer, on the other hand, does not the options that you have. If you rejected two sets of pocket cards, those are the pocket cards he is stuck with. If you didn’t, he must deal himself two sets of pocket cards, and he is stuck with whatever he deals.

Winning at Triple Pocket Poker

As mentioned above, you need to beat both of the dealer’s hands to win at Triple Pocket Poker. In most cases, the winning payout is 1-to-1. That is, if you bet 10 Euros, you get your 10 Euros back plus an additional 10 Euro payout.

For the best winning poker hands, however, there are special bonus payouts, as follows:

  • Flush: 2 to 1
  • Full House: 4 to 1
  • Four of a Kind: 10 to 1
  • Straight Flush: 20 to 1
  • Royal Flush: 50 to 1

The bonus payout schedule can be thought of as another online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker rule that is advantageous to the player. It means, in effect, that you do not have to win the majority of your poker games to be a winning poker player overall. You could, for example, lose three games in a row and then win with a full house, and the 4-to-1 bonus payout will put you ahead for the day.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Strategy

As is true with all casino gambling games, winning at Triple Pocket Poker depends to some degree on the luck of the draw. But it also depends to a large extent on your Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker strategy. More specifically, it depends on your decisions as to whether to hold a set of pocket cards or to pass them on and hope for something better.

Remember, you must make your Triple Pocket Poker strategy decisions before you see the five community cards, so you can’t know for certain what pocket cards will best create a winning poker hand. A good rule of thumb is to keep the pocket cards offered if they are:

  • a pair (already a good hand, and it could get even better)
  • the same suit (a potential flush)
  • consecutive numbers (a potential straight)

Of course, winning at poker sometimes happens in unexpected ways. You could keep a 3 of Clubs and 9 of Clubs in hopes of completing a flush. Then it turns out that there are no clubs in the community cards, but there is a 3 and a 9, and you win the poker game with two pairs. Unexpected wins are part of what makes online casino gambling so exciting.

Play Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Online

If you are any kind of a poker player, you will probably enjoy playing Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker online at All Slots Online Casino. This unique online casino game retains the basic elements of Texas Hold’em — the two pocket cards and five community cards — and adds the option of picking your pocket cards and the bonus payout table. With chances to win at poker in expected and unexpected ways, Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker has a lot to offer the online poker player.

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