The Twisted Circus Online Slots

All Slots Online Casino is proud to present The Twisted Circus, the online slot machine with the freakiest freak show on Earth along with 243 Ways to Win, wild and scatters symbols with multipliers, and the incredible Circus Match Bonus Game.

Welcome to the Twisted Circus

Welcome to the Twisted Circus and please meet the stars of the show: The Fire Breather, The Snake Lady, The Strong Man, The Siamese Twins, The Pretzel Man, The Half-Man-Half-Woman, The Bearded Lady, and The Musical Monkey. These freaky characters will entertain you while they bring you real online slots jackpots, and it’s all directed by the friendly flamboyant Ringmaster.

243 Ways to Win at the Twisted Circus

The Twisted Circus online slot game does not have paylines. Instead, it has 243 Ways to Win. This means that you can win at slots any time you get three or more of the same circus performer on adjacent reels starting with Reel 1, regardless of where exactly the circus performer appears on the reels and regardless of whether the symbols form any particular pattern. Freedom from paylines means a lot more chances to win at slots with The Twisted Circus.

Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, and Triple Payouts

The Twisted Circus Logo is a wild symbol in this casino slots game. It can substitute for any of the circus performer symbols to create a Winning Way, and when it does so it will triple the normal payout for that Way.

The Circus Admission Ticket is a scatter symbol. Two or more Tickets appearing anywhere, even if they are not on adjacent reels, will win you a payout. And three or more Tickets will also award you 13 free spins with all prizes tripled.

The Circus Ringmaster and the Circus Match Bonus Game

The flamboyant Ringmaster is the star and director of the Twisted Circus. If three Ringmaster symbols appear on Reels 3, 4, and 5, he will award you a cash payout and he will invite you into the Big Top to play the fantastic Circus Match Bonus Game.

The Circus Match Bonus Game starts with an array of 16 stars; behind each star is a Fire Breather, a Snake Lady, a Strong Man, the Siamese Twins or, most exciting of all, a Wild symbol. Your task is to pick stars to reveal the hidden symbols; when you uncover three of the same circus performer, you win the prize associated with that performer.

The Wild Symbol makes it possible to win multiple prizes in a single round of the Circus Match Bonus Game. If, for example, you have already uncovered two Fire Breathers and two Snake Ladies, then uncovering a Wild Symbol will give you three-of-a-kind for both of those performers. Or you could uncover three Wild Symbols: that would give you three-of-a-kind for all four performers and award you four prizes in one go.

Play Twisted Circus Slots Online at All Slots

With its freaky cast of circus characters, its 243 Ways to Win and its exciting special features, and with its fantastic Circus Match Bonus Game, The Twisted Circus presents a wonderfully entertaining way to play slots online at All Slots Casino. So come and run away to the circus — the Twisted Circus — and see how much fun you can have today.

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