Untamed: Bengal Tiger Online Slots

The Bengal Tiger is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. This magnificent predator now comes to the online slots casino with Untamed: Bengal Tiger, the online slot game with a wealth of special features including 243 Ways to Win, the Collect A Wild feature, the Lucky Nudge, and the Your Gamble option.

243 Ways to Win with the Bengal Tiger

Untamed: Bengal Tiger online slots uses Ways to Win instead of the traditional slots paylines. With Ways to Win slots, all you need is three or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel. It doesn’t matter if the symbol is at the top of the reel, the bottom of the reel, or the middle of the reel. As long as it’s on adjacent reels starting with Reel 1, you have found a Way to Win. The statisticians have counted up all the possible winning combinations and found 243 Ways to Win in Untamed: Bengal Tiger online slots. So eliminating the constraints of the payline for the flexibility of Ways to Win definitely increases your chances of winning at slots.

The Online Slots “Collect A Wild” Feature

Many online slot games have wild symbols, and Untamed: Bengal Tiger is no exception. But Untamed: Bengal Tiger has more than that; it has the Collect-A-Wild feature that enables you to collect your wild symbols and turn them into entire wild reels.

On the Untamed: Bengal Tiger online slot machine, you will see a Wilds Counter at the bottom of each reel. Every time a wild symbol appears on a reel, it adds a Wild Token to the Wild Counter for that reel. When the Wilds Counter for a particular reel fills up with four Wild Tokens, the entire reel turns wild and it stays wild for the next four spins. You could even have all five reels turn into wild reels, creating many opportunities to win at slots.

A “Lucky Nudge” Can Make You a Lucky Slots Winner

The Eye of the Tiger is a scatter symbol in Untamed: Bengal Tiger online slots. Three or more Eye of the Tiger symbols appearing anywhere on the five reels of the slot machine will award you a jackpot, even if they are not on adjacent reels, and, in addition to that, they will award you twenty free spins of the reels.

But what if only two symbols appear, and there’s a third one that just misses. Maybe it’s just above the top symbol on a reel, or just below the bottom symbol. Well, that’s where the Lucky Nudge feature can save the day. Lucky Nudge can find that scatter symbol that’s just a little over the top or just a little under the bottom and gently “nudge” it into place, giving you your three scatters and your 20 free spins, which means more real-money payouts when you play slots online.

Free Spins with Trailing Wilds

Another great part of the Free Spins feature in Untamed: Bengal Tiger online slots is the Trailing Wilds. Any time you hit a winning payline with a wild symbol during your free spins, that wild symbol will slide down one place on the reel, and another wild symbol will take its place in its original position, giving you two wild symbols and double chances to win on your next free spin.

Gamble Your Slot Winnings Your Way

Many online slot games offer the Gamble feature. After a winning spin, you could play it safe and collect your winnings, or you could gamble: guess the colour of a card to double or the suit of a card to quadruple your winnings. If you guessed the wrong colour or the wrong suit, of course, your winnings disappeared.

With the “Your Gamble” feature in Untamed: Bengal Tiger, you can have it both ways. Collect a portion of your winnings, and gamble the rest. Your Gamble really gives you the best of both worlds: the security of collecting, and the excitement of gambling.

And when you do gamble all or part of your winnings, it’s not done with the traditional guess-the-colour or guess-the-suit playing card format. Instead, it’s done with a Gamble Wheel and an arrow that spins around and lands on either the Win or the Lose areas of the wheel, and you get to set the respective sizes of the two areas. If you make the Win area bigger, you have a better chance to win, but for a smaller payout. If you make the Win area smaller, you have less chance to win, but your payout would be bigger.

In short, Your Gamble opens up whole new vistas in choice and flexibility when it comes to gambling your slots winnings for even more winnings.

A Great Online Casino Game

With its stunningly beautiful portrayals of the magnificent Bengal Tiger in its habitat, along with its 243 Ways to Win, its Collect A Wild feature, its Lucky Nudge feature, and its Your Gamble feature, Untamed: Bengal Tiger is a great online casino game. Play Untamed: Bengal Tiger slots at All Slots Online Casino, and may the eye of the tiger always be with you.

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