Untamed: Crowned Eagle Online Slots

Untamed: Crowned Eagle is a 5-reel online slot machine with beautiful images of a majestic bird of prey along with 243 ways to win and loads of special features such as Collect-A-Wild, Lucky Nudge, Soaring Wild, and Your Gamble.

Gorgeous Slot Machine Images

Like the bird itself, the images on the Untamed: Crowned Eagle slot machine are breath-taking. There is an image of the eagle in glorious flight, and another image with a close-up of the eagle’s head, highlighting the feathered “crown” that gives him his name. There is a wonderful image of a female Crowned Eagle with her chicks, and one of a group of hyraxes, the Crowned Eagle’s favourite snack, in their rocky habitat. You will easily feel that you have entered the world of the Crowned Eagle when you play slots online with Untamed: Crowned Eagle at All Slots Casino.

Wild Symbols and Collect-A-Wild

The Untamed: Crowned Eagle Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create a winning way. And every time a wild Logo appears on a reel, a little icon will appear below the reel. When you collect four icons below a reel, the entire reel becomes wild for the next four spins. And that means a lot of winning slots jackpots will probably be coming your way.

Scatter Wins, Free Spins, Lucky Nudge, and Soaring Wilds

The Eagle’s Eye is a scatter symbol in the Crowned Eagle online slot game. Three Eagle’s Eyes appearing anywhere on the slot machine, even if they are not on adjacent reels, will award a payout and will also award 10 free spins.

And what if you almost, but not quite, make it? What if you have two Eagle’s Eyes appearing, and a third that is just a little above or a little below the visible symbols on the reels. In that case, the Lucky Nudge feature will gently nudge the third Eagle’s Eye into place and you have your scatter win and your free spins.

And during your free spins, the fabulous Soaring Wild feature will soar into action. This is a majestically soaring Crowned Eagle who will pounce on a random symbol and turn it into a wild symbol. And not just an ordinary wild symbol, but a wild symbol with a random multiplier that could be as high as 10X.

Gamble Your Winnings with Your Gamble

After every winning spin in Untamed: Crowned Eagle online slots, the Your Gamble feature allows you to collect all or part of your winnings and gamble the rest. You can select the Gamble odds and payouts any way you want: small odds of winning a big payout, high odds of winning a smaller payout, or any combination in between. Gamble your way with Your Gamble.

The Untamed Family of Online Slots at All Slots

Untamed: Crowned Eagle, together with Untamed: Giant Panda, Untamed: Bengal Tiger, and Untamed: Wolf Pack, is a part of the Untamed family of online slot machines at All Slots Online Casino. All feature fantastic artistic images of untamed wildlife along with big payouts and plenty of special features. Have a wild time playing Untamed slots at All Slots.

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