Untamed: Giant Panda Online Slots

The Giant Panda is undoubtedly the most adorable animal on earth. And now he brings all his cuddly appeal to the online slots casino with the Untamed: Giant Panda online slot machine. In addition to the awesome graphic depictions of this charming mammal, Untamed: Giant Panda features 243 Ways to Win and a host of special features.

The Giant Panda Brings 243 Ways to Win at Slots

You don’t have to worry about paylines any more when you play slots online with the Giant Panda. Instead of paylines, this online slots game has Ways to Win, which means simply getting a slot machine symbol on adjacent reels starting at the left. So a Baby Panda anywhere on Reel 1, another Baby Panda anywhere on Reel 2, and a third Baby Panda anywhere on Reel 3 will win you a payout. Of course, additional Baby Pandas on Reels 4 and 5 will win you even bigger payouts. All together, it adds up to 243 Ways to Win at slots with the Giant Panda.

Collect-A-Wild Creates Entire Wild Reels

Like many online slot games, Untamed: Giant Panda has a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create winning slots combinations. But Untamed: Giant Panda has something more than that. It has the Collect A Wild feature that tallies your wild symbols in a Wild Counter at the bottom of each reel. After you have accumulated four wild symbols on a reel, Collect-A-Wild will turn the entire reel wild, creating the opportunity for multiple winning combinations for the next four spins.

Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, Lucky Nudges, and Brilliant Wilds

The Panda’s Eye is a scatter symbol in the Untamed: Giant Panda online slots game. Three or more Panda’s Eyes appearing anywhere on the five reels will earn you a payout, even if they are not on adjacent paylines to create a Way to Win. And, in addition to the cash payout, they will also award you 10 free spins so you can win even more payouts.

But what if you have only two Panda’s Eyes showing on the reels, and there’s a third that’s almost but not quite there. Maybe it’s just above the top line of symbols, or just below the bottom line. Well, that’s easily taken care of. A Lucky Nudge can gently ease it into place to give you your third scatter symbol and your payout and your free spins.

And once the free spins start, you’re in for another treat: the Brilliant Wilds feature. Any time a wild symbol appears during your free spins, it will stay right where it is throughout all your remaining free spins to give you even more wild winning slots combinations.

Gamble Your Winnings Your Way with “Your Gamble”

After every winning spin of the online slot machine, you may simply collect your payout or you may gamble it for even bigger winnings. And the Your Gamble feature gives you a lot of flexibility in how you gamble.

With Your Gamble, you can play it safe and collect a portion of your winnings and gamble the rest. To gamble, you spin the arrow on the Gamble Wheel: if it lands on the green part of the wheel, you win the gamble; if it lands on the red part, you lose. And you are the one who sets the size of the green and red areas. If you make the green bigger, your odds of winning the gamble increase, but the potential payout gets smaller. If you make the green area smaller, you have a chance to win a bigger payout, but your odds of winning are less.

You choose how much of your winnings to gamble, you choose the potential gamble payout, and you choose the odds of winning the gamble. That’s Your Gamble.

Play Untamed: Giant Panda Slots at All Slots

With beautiful images of the adorable — and unfortunately endangered — Giant Panda, along with 243 Ways to Win, the Collect A Wild feature, free spins with Lucky Nudge and Brilliant Wilds, and the Your Gamble bonus feature, Untamed: Giant Panda is a fantastic online slots game. Cavort with the Giant Panda and try your luck at Untamed: Giant Panda slots at All Slots Online Casino.

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