Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slots

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is a very special 5-reel 25-payline online slot game that features all the good things that wealth can bring to a person’s life. And if the slot machine reels spin just right, you can be sharing a bit of that wealth yourself.

Symbols of Wealth on the Online Slot Machine

Think of all the nice things that would be yours if only you were wealthy: a Lear jet, a sports car, diamonds, gold bars, and, of course, piles of cash. They are all here as online slot machine symbols. Just looking at them can make you feel as if you had entered a life of luxury. And if they lines up correctly on an enabled slot machine payline, you will win a real cash jackpot. Five Lear jet symbols will pay you 750 times the amount of your bet. Not enough to buy a private plane, perhaps, but still a nice addition to your pocketbook.

In addition, there are the traditional fruit symbols. After all, slot machines were once known as ruit machines — and in the UK they still are. So Wheel of Wealth Special Edition keeps slot machine history alive with the watermelons, oranges, lemons, apples, grapes, and cherries. The fruit symbols, too, can pay out some nice slots jackpots.

The Wheel of Wealth Symbol Is Wild

The Wheel of Wealth Symbol is a very special online slots symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination, and it doubles your payout. So if you get four Lear jet symbols and a Wheel of Wealth symbol on an enabled payline it counts as five Lear jets, except that instead of paying 750 times your bet it pays 1,500 times your bet.

The Wheel of Wealth symbol, besides being a wild symbol, is also a great winning slots symbol on its own. Five Wheel of Wealth symbols on an enabled payline awards you a slots jackpot of 10,000 times your bet. That’s a very special way to increase your wealth with Wheel of Wealth Special Edition.

Win Slots Jackpots with the Scatter Coin

The Scatter Coin is another special online slot machine symbol. The great thing about the Scatter Coin is that it does not have to appear on a payline to be a winner. Two or more Scatter Coins scattered anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine will win you an online slots jackpot.

Play Two Online Slots Bonus Games

The Bonus symbol in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is so special that it triggers not one, but two high-paying online slots bonus games.

The Reel Bonus Game is triggered when you get three or four Bonus symbols on an enabled payline. The Bonus symbols will light up and you get to pick any one of them. The Bonus symbol you picked will reveal either a Bonus Jackpot, up to 2,000 coins, or a Bonus Trigger, which activates the even higher-paying Wheel of Wealth Bonus Game.

The Wheel of Wealth Bonus Game can be activated by getting five Bonus symbols on a payline or by picking a Bonus Trigger when you play the Reel Bonus Game. This bonus game features a large multi-colored Wheel of Wealth divided into 20 segments with different bonus amounts. You play the game by spinning the Wheel of Wealth and when it stops, the pointer indicates the amount of your bonus jackpot, which can be as much as 10,000 coins.

You can accumulate some real wealth when you play slots online with Wheel of Wealth Special Edition bonus games.

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Is a Special Online Slot Game

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition truly lives up to its name as a very special online slot game. It has bright colorful graphics of luxurious symbols of wealth and traditional fruit machine symbols. It has big slots payouts and 25 paylines. It has a wild multiplier symbol and a scatter symbol and two high-paying bonus games. Online casino slots don’t get any more special than Wheel of Wealth Special Edition casino slots.

Play Special Edition Slots Alone or With Your Friends

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition can, of course, be played in the normal way that online slots games are played: one-on-one, you against the computer. But there is also another way: you can play Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Community Slots with your friends. You and your friends can be together in the virtual online slots room, keeping an eye on one another, chatting as you play, and helping each other win bonuses. It’s an exciting and sociable way to play slots online.

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