Winter Gold Online Slots

Winter Gold is a 5-reel 15-payline online slot machine created especially to celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This online slot game highlights four of the top Winter Olympic Sports: ski jumping, speed skating, biathlon, and bobsleigh. It features great bonus games and big jackpots too.

Win a Gold Medal in the Slots Casino

Just as the Gold Medal is the top prize in the Olympic Games, the Gold Medal is the top slot machine symbol in Winter Gold online slots. In this case, the Gold Medal is a scatter symbol. If two or more of them show up anywhere on the five reels, you win a payout. And if three or more appear, you get to spin the Bonus Wheel to determine which of the six special Bonus Games you’ll be invited to play.

The Bonus Wheel has spaces for the Ski Jumping bonus game, the Biathlon bonus game, the Speed Skating bonus game, the Bobsleigh bonus game, the Free Spins bonus game, and the Coins bonus game. They are all exciting games with guaranteed jackpots, so no matter where the Bonus Wheel lands you, you’re sure to be an Olympics winner.

Winter Gold Means Online Slots Gold

Another top Winter Gold symbol is the Winter Gold Logo. The Winter Gold Logo is a wild symbol, so if you get, for example, Bobsleigh-Logo-Bobsleigh-Bobsleigh, you win the 4-Bobsleigh jackpot. And if you get five Winter Gold Logos on a payline, you win a jackpot of 5,000 coins for every coin you wagered on that payline. That is a lot of Olympic gold going into your pocket.

Lots of Ways to Win at Slots

The Bobsleigh, Biathlon, Ski Jumping, and Speed Skating symbols can all create winning slots combinations in Winter Gold casino slots. So can the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10. They just have to appear in order on an enabled payline, and you’ll get the payout and feel like an Olympic champion yourself. So even after the Vancouver Olympics are nothing but an exciting memory, you can continue to go for the gold with Olympic Gold online slots.

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