Wow! Pot Online Progressive Slots

There is nothing you can say but Wow! if you win the jackpot in Wow! Pot progressive online slots. All Slots Casino offers both 3-reel Wow! Pot and 5-reel Wow! Pot, and they both have the same Wow!-inducing progressive jackpot that you could win with just a little bit of luck.

The Wow! Pot Progressive Jackpot

The two Wow! Pot online slot games — 3-reel Wow! Pot and 5-reel Wow! Pot — share a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing every time anybody in the world plays Wow! Pot slots at All Slots Casino or any other online casino. Eventually, some lucky player will hit the winning combination, will surely exclaim Wow! as he takes home the money, and the jackpot will reset and start growing anew.

Three-Reel Wow! Pot Progressive Online Slots

The 3-reel Wow! Pot progressive online slots game has one payline, a fixed coin size of 0.50 credits, and a maximum bet of three coins. The online slot machine symbols include cherries, bars, lucky 7s, and, best of all, the colourful Wow! Pot symbol.

If you bet the maximum three coins and you get one Wow! Pot symbol on the payline, you win 10 coins. If you get two Wow! Pot symbols, you win 20 coins. And if you get three Wow! Pot symbols on the payline, it’s time to cry Wow! You have just won the progressive jackpot worth thousands of credits!

Five-Reel Wow! Pot Online Progressive Slots

The 5-reel Wow! Pot online progressive slots game has 15 paylines and a fixed coin size of 0.10 credits. Every coin you bet enables another payline, up to the maximum of 15. You can win good prizes on any enabled payline, but the fifteenth is where the progressive action is at. Get five Wow! Pot symbols on the fifteenth payline and Wow! You have won the pot! Congratulations!

Wow! Pot Online Slots Strategy

The important slots strategy when playing Wow! Pot online is to always place the maximum bet. Remember: it is only with a maximum bet that you can win the progressive jackpot. This is true in both 3-reel Wow! Pot and 5-reel Wow! Pot.

While it is true that you can still win some good casino slots payouts without the maximum bet, the main idea of playing an online progressive slot machine is to go for the big one. You might not succeed, but you have to at least given yourself a chance. And with a maximum wager of only 1.50 credits in either the 3-reel or the 5-reel version of Wow! Pot, it’s certainly worth your while to make the investment, bet the max, and give yourself a chance to get lucky and hit the big time.

Winning a progressive jackpot is one of the biggest thrills you can get when playing slots online. But it’s never going to happen if you don’t give yourself a fighting chance with a max bet.

Play Wow! Pot Slots Online at All Slots

Three-reel Wow! Pot and five-reel Wow! Pot are both great progressive online slot machines, and All Slots is a great online slots casino. So play Wow! Pot slots at All Slots and you could be exclaiming Wow! at how much fun you can have in the online casino.

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