You Lucky Barstard Online Fruit Machine

At first glance, the name of the online fruit machine “You Lucky Barstard” might seem a little bit off-color. But when you play You Lucky Barstard, you’ll see that all the symbols on this online fruit machine game are bars of various colors and sizes. When bars of the same color line up on the payline, you are indeed a lucky “bar”-stard as you win a fruit machine jackpot. So You Lucky Barstard is really a good clean online fruit machine.

Playing You Lucky Barstard Online Fruit Machine

The You Lucky Barstard online fruit machine has three reels and one Win Line. After you select your bet amount using the Plus and Minus buttons, you click the Spin button and you’ll see lots of bars go spinning by. You’ll see yellow bars and red bars and black bars. And the black bars come in assorted sizes: single and double and triple.

Any time you get three bars of the same color on the Win Line, you win a payout. With regard to the black bars, any time you get three black bars, you win, but if you get three black bars of the same size, you win even more.

The best combination is when you get three black triple bars on the Win Line. It pays a fruit machine jackpot of 100 times the amount of your bet. If you get that, you really are a Lucky Bar-stard.

Hold and Nudge Your Online Fruit Machine

You Lucky Barstard has the Hold and Nudge features that distinguish online fruit machines from ordinary online slot machines. With the Hold feature, you can hold one or more reels and spin the others. So if you have, for example, two black bars and a red bar, you can hold the two black bars and spin the third reel only in hopes of getting another black bar.

The Nudge feature allows you to move a reel one place instead of giving it a full spin. So if you have two black bars on the Win Line, and the third reel has a black bar that is one place away from the Win Line, you can nudge that black bar into place and get your fruit machine win that way.

You Lucky Barstard also has a Gamble Nudge, Nudge Repeat, and Nudge Bank features to help you use your nudges more effectively to get winning Fruit Machine combinations.

The Cash Ladder Game Show Bonus Game

If you get three black-bar winning spins in a row, you will be invited by Bob Money, the friendly and only slightly overbearing game show host, to play the You Lucky Barstard Cash Ladder game show. Here’s how it works.

You will see a ladder of seven rungs, with a different multiplier value on each one, up to a high multiplier of 250X. A light runs up and down the ladder. When you click the Stop button, the light will stop on one of the rungs, and you win the multiplier value of that rung times the amount of your bet. There is also a random Repeat feature, so you could win up to 500 times the amount of your bet.

The light goes really fast, so it takes super-sharp reflexes to get it to stop on the top rung. But no matter where it stops, you’re guaranteed to get a nice multiplier of your bet. So you really can’t lose on the You Lucky Barstard Cash Ladder game show.

Play You Lucky Barstard Fruit Machine Online

You Lucky Barstard is a fun fruit machine to play online at All Slots Online Casino. Every time you win a payout, Bob Money will call out some encouraging words, and that’s bound to make you feel good. And if you’re having a good day and winning lots of payouts with the multi-colored bar symbols, you will truly be a Lucky Barstard.

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